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Evocation - Dead Calm Choas
If you talk about oldschool Swedish death-metal, there was always one band coming up that didn't have such a famous name; Evocation. In fact, this band is probably just as essential as Entombed, Dismember and At The Gates were at that time. This band existed from 1991 till 1993 and in that time, they released two absolute cult death-metal demos. In 2004 these demos were released as a full length album and that was the beginning of the newly reformed Evocation.

They reformed in 2005 to just play together again and do some shows. In the year after that, they recorded a new album called Tales From The Tomb. In time this reunion got a bit more serious and that’s why we hold the second Evocation album in our hands. Musically this band is a trip down memory-lane to the beginning of the 90’s, where bands as At The Gates and Edge Of Sanity were at their peak. Evocation in fact combines the Gothenburg sound (At The Gates) perfectly with the more oldschool Stockholm sound (Entombed) together in an effective piece of catchy, melodic death-metal.

On two songs Anders Björler of At The Gates/The Haunted gives a guest appearance. The highlight of the album is the ninth song ‘Antidote’, which features Dan Swanö from Bloodbath/Edge Of Sanity. This is an amazing song with a skull crushing riff, but at the same time remaining very melodic.

Also the songs that are just played with the Evocation members are high quality, with some awesome songwriting. The title-song for instance is a classic written death-metal piece with an eerie vibe going on, surely to grow out as a crowd-pleaser! The production of the album is done very well. With a chunky, thick as mud sound, but at the same time clear and melodic. I choose this kind of death-metal anytime above the so called metalcore bands, that try to play death-metal! 

This album is just an amazing pleasant piece of Swedish death-metal, which is not to be missed in any death-metal collection!
Evocation - Dead Calm Choas
81/1001Details Cyclone Empire Records
Released on Monday Dec 1st, 2008

Writer @RoyBalowski on Tuesday Jan 6th, 2009

Tags: #Evocation
Tracklisting 01. In The Reign Of Chaos
02. Silence Sleep
03. Angel Of Torment
04. Boundead
05. Dead Calm Chaos
06. Truth Will Come Clear
07. Dust
08. Protected By What Gods
09. Antidote
10. Tomorrow Has No Sunrise
11. Astray Masquerade
12. Razored To The Bone
Line up Janne - drums, backing vocals
Vesa - guitars
Tore - bass, backing vocals
Tjompe - vocals
Marko - guitars
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