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Hellfueled - Memories In Black
Hellfueled comes from Huskvarna, Sweden. Those who know this town probably know it for their motorcycles and chainsaws. At least, that’s what their bio says. But I believe it immediately. Cause when I heard Hellfueled the first time I didn’t think of roses and butterflies. Hell no, this is metal!!
I figured out that I can still dig this kind of music. I always thought I was sort of “over it”.  But when it rocks hard, like Hellfueled , it’s good and so I like it. It feels like Hellfueled combines the old-school with the modern metal. It reminded me of Bulls-Eye-Powerrock (R.I.P.) who made music where, just like the name says, power is the key-element.
And so does Hellfueled as they have got a lot of power in their music. And that is exactly what I like. Straight forward ass kicking power metal! But don’t think this is one pile of noise. They easily combine these deafening metal tunes and shredding drumming parts perfectly with the more melodic stuff.
The songs kick in like an assassin on warpath but also show you the tender side of this killing machine. Like this killer wants to tell you, just before he snaps your neck in peaces, that it’s nothing personal….Okay, I’m losing it here. To cut a long story short; the melodic parts are not like the ‘Hey look at me, I’m a one in a million soft emotional emo faggot’ but more like the ‘Fuck yeah, this rocks! And it has got rocking melodic stuff too!’. Hmmm…okay, now I lost it. But I hope I made my point clear. Just listen to ‘Rewinding Time’ or ‘Warzone’ and you will definitely understand.
The only thing that starts annoying me are the vocals. Henke sings pretty well but I just don’t like the sound of his voice. If you’d ask me, I would say he’s Ozzy Osbourne’s younger brother in voice. He sounds just like him! But that’s the point. I think it sounds a bit nasal. But okay, Ozzy and Black Sabbath are known all over the world. So maybe it works out just fine if you sound like him. As long as you don’t look like him…….
So if you’re in for some head banging and “wohoow, yeah!” screaming, then you must check this out! Cause Hellfueled is metaaaaal!
Hellfueled - Memories In Black
80/1001Details Black Lodge Records
Released on Wednesday Jun 6th, 2007

Writer @Maurits on Wednesday Jun 6th, 2007

Tags: #Hellfueled
Tracklisting 01. Rewinding Time
02. Monster
03. Sky Walker
04. Again
05. Warzone
06. Search Goes On
07. Queen Of Fire
08. Right Now
09. Face Your Demon
10. Down
11. Master of Night
12. Slow Down
Line up Kent - drums
Jocke - guitars
Henke - bass
Andy - vocals