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Fraise - Hellicornia
[quote]The band is from Alings¬ås in the west of Sweden and since every band must be cathegorized: Fraise is a mix between Power and Heavy metal. The melodies are easiest related to the eighties while the hard energy is inspired from the nineties.[/quote] This part of the biography of [b]Fraise[/b] already says a lot about the music. After the stylish intro, which sounds like a male priest choir accompanied by distorted guitars, a powerful song named ‘Set Us Free’ comes rolling out of my speakers. With good technical guitarplay, a nice tight beat and a powerful voice (although its range is not that big), [b]Fraise[/b] is my kind of band. Whoohooo nostalgia! The songs really [i]do[/i] remind me of the eighties’ Heavy Metal bands (especially Nocturnal Rites) and I must say, these fellows have done a great job melting the best aspects of eighties Heavy Metal into a style of their own. ‘Fight With Fire’, the single of this debut album, is a more classical Heavy Metal song with a very powerful refrain. This song really made me swing my head back and forth! You’ll shout the lyrics along with this magnificent song. Speaking of lyrics, those are really okay on this album. The ballad ‘July’ really got me sticking to my speakers. The lyrics of the first verse: [quote] Leafs are falling over my shoulder Standing alone today Autumn’s cold, sending my message Facing the ground again [/quote] After hearing this verse, a tingling sensation got sent up my spine. A beautiful song. Then, another powerful song comes along in the form of ‘Profile Of The Day’. I can say only one thing after hearing this song. I want to see this band live and I want to hear them play this song. These catchy guitar riffs have to be played loud and proud! Well, I could go on and on about this band, but to keep this review short and clear: this is good old classical Heavy Metal. There is one more thing left to say, though. Despite this being a good album, I just couldn’t shake the feeling that this has been done before. It all sounds too familiair, which took away some of my enthousiasm sometimes. But that put aside, if you feel like going back to the ‘good old times’, this is the album you should buy! Tracklisting: 1. Hellicornia 2. Set Us Free 3. Fight With Fire 4. Ice Cold 5. Saratoga 6. July 7. Profile Of The Day 8. Rise Again 9. Kings And Queens 10. X9 Line-up: Jesper Max: vocals Anders Karlsson: guitars Håkan Ivarsson: keyboard Simon Lindholm: bass Patrick Fransson: drums Review by BlackRain
Fraise - Hellicornia
70/1001Details Label la Production
Released on Monday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Buzzin Hornet on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Fraise
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