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MGR vs. SirDSS - Impromptu
Oh yes, right when we received the first promo’s of Ipecac Recordings, we also received the first stuff of Neurot Recordings, a label formed by the members of Neurosis and Tribes Of Neurot. Doesn’t impress you? Then please stop reading this review!
MGR is Isis guitarist Mike Gallagher and SirDSS is former Get Hustle and Slug guitarist David Scott Stone. What started out as some informal recordings quickly turned into slightly less informal recordings, and now Impromptu is a fact. Drone/noise is probably the easy way to describe what these two fellows are doing on these four tracks, but they prefer to describe this as foreboding guitar ambiance. Suits me fine.
The songs are comprised of acoustic and electric guitars and sound effects. Space and time basically stop in your brain when you turn this up, taking you onto a mental voyage that relaxes you into perfect calmness. This calmness may also be known to you as sleep. It’s not as heavy as Sunn 0))), but not as light as Earth either. It tends to linger in between, thus creating actual variation. WOW! Variation in soundscapes! Who would have guessed?!? But perhaps comparisons with Oren Ambarchi and even Fennesz aren't out of the question either.
If my calculations that I didn’t do are right, I might have stirred up some interest around this release. I mean there is a Isis guitarist involved, one of the most hyped underground experimental bands of the last decade or so, and the other guy has played with acts like Melvins, Fantômas/Melvins Big Band, Big Business, Unwound, Mike Patton, Nels Cline, Merzbow, Adam Jones, Keiji Haino and The Locust. No idea who any of these acts are? I told you not to read this review, you artistically impaired musical reject!
MGR vs. SirDSS - Impromptu
89/1001Details Neurot Recordings
Released on Tuesday May 29th, 2007
Foreboding Guitar Ambiance

Writer @DemonDust on Wednesday Jun 20th, 2007

Tags: #MGR vs. SirDSS
Tracklisting 1. At Odds
2. Following Electro Acoustic Theory
3. In Conjuction
4. Disregard For SBS
Line up M. Gallagher - guitar, effects, loops
David Scott Stone - MOTM Modular Synthesizer, Voyager, Odyssey, Feedback Percussion Kit, Bowed Cymbal, SP-202, Tube Tape Echoplex