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Fall Of The Leafe - Aerolithe
Fall Of The Leafe is a band whose name has been brought to my attention about seven years ago, when I roamed the message boards of the band Cold. A fellow-roamer told me that they were a great band, which I definitely had to check out. I never found the time to check this Finnish band out until the opportunity came by that I could review their newest album Aerolithe.
This is the first and only album of Fall Of The Leafe (FOTL for short) I have listened to, so I am not able to compare this album with their previous releases. Nor am I familiar with a lot of progressive metalbands. I like to think that this puts me in a great position to review this disc!
The information leaflet that accompanied the album doesn’t lie regarding the different influences that can be found on this cd. I heard some melodic death influences, some late Paradise Lost influences and also some rock-orientated and more modern metallic riffs. All those styles have been hustled together and are accompanied with some atmospheric keys, without them being too prominent. If they call this progressive metal, than I certainly have to listen to some more progressive metal bands!
One of the most important things a band has to possess is the ability to write songs and especially memorable songs, and that is just the case with this album. All the melodies, riffs and keyboard parts stick in your head like peanut-butter on a sandwich! After a few spins I already could sing the songs along. Of course this could lead to the cd being boring after a while, but with every spin I heard new elements in the music. 

The song  ‘Look Into Me’ is the perfect summary of the album. Tuomas varies a lot with his voice in this song from using his growl to his clean voice. And that is something he does frequently on this album! His voice is also one of the strong points of the band. The keys are floating around without being too dominant and the riffing and drumming are just perfectly suited for this type of music.
Well I think my conclusion is an obvious one: Buy This Album! If you like your metal with a melodic touch and clean vocals without the high pitch, than this is an album for you!
Fall Of The Leafe - Aerolithe
80/1001Details Firebox Records
Released on Monday Aug 20th, 2007
Progressive Metal

Writer @Neurotic on Sunday Jul 22nd, 2007

Tags: #Fall Of The Leafe
Tracklisting 1. Opening
2. All The Good Faith
3. Drawing Worry
4. Lithe
5. At A Breath’s Pace
6. Graceful Retreat
7. Sink Teeth Here
8. Minor Nuissance
9. Especially By Stealth
10. Look Into Me
11. Closure
Line up Tuomas Tuominen – Vocals
Jussi H´┐Żnninen – Guitars
Kaj Gustafsson – Guitars
Petri Hannuniemi – Keyboards
Miska Lehtivuori – Bass
Matias Aaltonen – Drums