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Sadist - Sadist
From Italy a very pleasant surprise reached my stereo set, it goes by the name Sadist and with their self-titled fifth record they bring us some excellent technical progressive death metal.
Sadist has the qualities to create very many-sided music but in the meantime keep it really cohesive. Many interesting and catching riffs and melodies pass by. In the first few songs we already hear some great death metal with razor-sharp screaming vocals, but the singer easily creates some deep long-stretched grunts too. Things get even better when more and more attractive sounds and vibes are created by the keyboards which are a great supplement to the beautiful solos. 

does so without each separate track losing its identity, each song is well distinguishable which is often caused by an intermezzo which gives a song a totally different twist. With the sixth song, ‘Kopto’, Sadist created an instrumental resting point and I can’t conclude anything else but to say that it is an excellent and well balanced record. Oh, and did I forget to mention that all this is brought in a great, fat production?   
Sadist was for me a well kept Italian progressive death metal secret, a secret so sweet that everyone should check this one out. Sadist deserves to get international attention with this excellent record.
Sadist - Sadist
92/1001Details Beyond Productions
Released on Monday Apr 30th, 2007
Progressive Death Metal

Writer @Sledgehammer Messiah on Tuesday Jul 24th, 2007

Tags: #Sadist
Tracklisting 1. Jagriti 02:30
2. One Thousand Memories 04:55
3. I Feel You Climb 03:59
4. Embracing The Form of Life 04:59
5. Tearing Away 03:47
6. Kopto 03:33
7. Excited And Desirous 04:41
8. Different Melodies 05:10
9. Invisible 03:29
10. Hope To Be Deaf 05:19
11. Sadist 02:33
Line up Chicco - Bass
Peso - Drums
Zanna - Vocals
Fabio - Vocals
Oinos - Drums