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Sadist - Crust

As I do most of the time when I see bands I don�t know on the �to do� list on, I quickly Myspaced (is that a word these days?) Sadist. I liked what I heard! It was hard, it was loud it was fuckin� rockin� my socks off! As I always do when checking bands out on MySpace, I only listened to small phrases of songs. Normally I check out all the aspects of a band. This time, only God knows why, I didn�t. I forgot to check out the vocals and my god�I couldn�t regret this more!!!

The first couple of seconds of the beautifully named 'Perversion Lust Orgasm' and other songs like 'Ovariotomy' (How the hell do you pronounce that?!?! I tried, but failed miserably!) are great! Good drums, great riffs, nice bass!! Then come the vocals�I like to think I gave a pretty good description of this kind of singing (Is it even called singing or grunting?) on the Murw review. The sad thing with this vocalist is that he really fucks it all up for the rest of the band, because they ain�t half bad, as opposed to Murw, who just totally sucked ass.

Absolute low on this album are the two bonus tracks! Covers of A-ha�s 'Take On Me' and the song 'Relax', originally performed by Frankie Goes To Hollywood. I think the originals both totally suck, but these versions are just plain bullcrap! Like I said, great riffs etc., on this reissue (the original was released in 1997) but the vocals do make me advice people to leave this album where it is, and that is away from me!

Sadist - Crust
57/1001Details Displeased Records
Released on Thursday Oct 18th, 2007

Writer @LondonCustoms on Thursday Oct 18th, 2007

Tags: #Sadist
Tracklisting 1. Perversion Lust Orgasm
2. The Path
3. 'Fools' And Dolts
4. Holy...
5. Ovariotomy
6. Instinct
7. Obsession - Compulsion
9. I Rape You
10.Christmas Beat
11.Take on me
Line up Trevor - Vocals
Tommy - Guitars
Andy - Bass
Alessio - Drums