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Ceremony of Opposites - Death's Dominion
What lies before me is the debut full length of Ceremony of Opposites, a band of which I reviewed a horrible demo some time ago. We had quite a discussion with them at that time, so when I saw that Death’s Dominion reached our office, I just had to do it again.
First I’ll say what has improved, because they have become a little bit better. For starters they’ve eliminated the clean vocals. Thank god. For the rest the songwriting, play and production have become slightly better, but nothing of any high standards anywhere.
That’s it then. When I listened to Death’s Dominion I had three main emotions, the first one was irritation, the second one was amusement, and the third was boredom. Ceremony of Opposites plays mid-tempo death metal, and I’d bet that all of the riffs that are found on this disc are to be found on someone else’s as well. The drums still consist of almost constant poeka play, boring the shit out of me as well. So the songwriting in average bores me.
Then there’s the production. The guitar on this disc sounds so thin, it just gives me shivers. It sounds like a death metal band with eighties rock production; not heavy at all that means. And when the higher regions are reached I can simply cry. Powerless, emotionless and still BORING crap is what I hear. The vocals are way too loud in the mix, pushing aside the guitars even more. A real pity, this is truly a lousy production job if you ask me.
Regarding vocals there is the improvement that there’s no more clean singing. But the grunts still don’t sound impressing and that the screams got incredibly ridiculous (think of that Frank Zappa song where all of a sudden a voice yells ‘but I’ve got a crystal ball!’). Final touch: it doesn’t sound tight. There you go.
Well progress has been made, but not much. When I turn this on I feel like I hear a band that consists of a couple of 13/14 years olds having a blast, and I don’t think that’s the intention when you put out a full length. Sorry guys, that’s all I can make of it.
Ceremony of Opposites - Death's Dominion
50/1001Details Independant
Released on Friday May 25th, 2007
Mid-tempo Death Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Sunday Aug 12th, 2007

Tags: #Ceremony of Opposites
Tracklisting 1. Burning Skies
2. Death's Dominion
3. Bathe In Gore
4. Posttraumatic Disorder
5. Exoneration
6. Obscure
7. Wall Of Darkness
8. Deafening Silence
9. Freedom
10. False Believes
11. Inconvertible Changes
12. Soul Cemetary
Into Infinity (hidden track)
Line up Marcel Oerlemans - Guitar & Vocals
Pascal Steffens - Guitar & Vocals
As - Bass
Sander Jacobs - Drums