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Ceremony of Opposites - The Fear Within
In 2003 this Dutch band was formed under the name of Caligatio. The name was changed to the one they’re using now, to imply the fact that their music is a ceremony of musical contradictions. As in hard parts versus soft parts.
The music is described to me as melodic death metal. Personally I think they could have left the death out of that, because it never gets really rough. Most of the music is mid tempo or below, with an occasional faster outburst accompanied by melodic vocals, screams and grunts.
Now to be perfectly honest, the music bores me as hell, and the vocals suck to be plainly honest. It actually hurts me when I hear the clean vocals. He doesn’t have a comfortable singing voice to listen, and I sincerely doubt that he sings pure all the time. Especially with the higher tones you can hear him struggling with himself.
The grunts are terrible as well. The first resemblance that came to my mind was the sound of a Sunday morning beer-hangover fart, and that’s bad. The only vocals that are slightly reasonable are the screams. They seem to be the only ones that have some power in them and that sound convincing, contrary to the other ones.
The music isn’t mixed heavenly at all, but I just have to see through that considering it’s the first recording they’ve made. But if I listen closely to the music I hear a lot of uninteresting compositions that if played faster could occasionally be considered punk. The drums are horrible as well, little more than some poeka stuff and some messy blastbeats is already more than this guy can handle. The guitars gave me that feeling as well.
Now I know that this isn’t the most positive review I ever wrote, but this disc is in my opinion way below standards. What I can conclude from this is that this band needs a lot of work before it can impress me.
Ceremony of Opposites - The Fear Within
40/1001Details independant
Released on Sunday Dec 18th, 2005
Melodic Death metal

Writer @DemonDust on Sunday Feb 19th, 2006

Tags: #Ceremony of Opposites
Tracklisting 1. Victory and Defeat (intro)
2. The King’s March
3. Burning For Eternity
4. Scars Of The Past
5. False Believes
6. The Fear Within
Line up Marcel Oerlemans – lead guitar, clean vocals, grunts, screams
Pascal Steffens – guitar, grunts
As van Loon – bass, grunts
Sander Jacobs – drums