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Ministry - The Last Sucker
This coming September 21st will soon be remembered as the day the last album of industrial metal legends Ministry was released. Al Jourgensen calls it quits, well, not after doing a world tour in 2008 of course. He does this in order to focus on working with his own label; 13th Planet Music. And what else can we expect from this legend other than another brutal stab at the George W. Bush government. Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for The Last Sucker!

To be honest when I first put it in my player I was a tad disappointed. This was due to the fact that my expectations were way too high, because I practically worship Ministry’s previous album Rio Grande Blood. That was such a bash in the face brutal industrial metal attack, I was just blown away when I heard it. Now there is still some of that high speed bashing left, but certainly not in the amounts of the previous record. Does that mean it’s a bad album? Fuck no!

The Last Sucker
holds eleven kick ass rocking industrial tracks, sure to be loved by every Ministry fan around the world. There’s even a cover of The Doors‘Roadhouse Blues’ (which bangs away awesome I must say!) and the last three tracks all contain vocal contributions of Fear Factory’s Burton C. Bell. The last track being an epic opus of ten minutes holding a long speech about our society. Al himself of course finds it a funny fact to quit with Ministry at the same time the reign of Bush comes to an end. The entire record of course is loaded with (modified) samples of Bush speeches, as the bio states Jourgensen and his engineer spend countless nights listening to that fucking idiot. Respect dudes!

Well it might be the lamentable departure of perhaps the greatest industrial metal band the face of the earth has ever seen, but don’t think Al Jourgensen is not to be heard of again. He’s got a zillion side-projects and projects to come, and I’m sure his label will soon provide his fans with quite some respectable substitutes for the goliath known as Ministry. Count me in on that final world tour for sure though. Fans of industrial metal, GET IT NOW!
Ministry - The Last Sucker
87/1001Details 13th Planet/Megaforce
Released on Friday Sep 21st, 2007
Industrial Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Monday Aug 13th, 2007

Tags: #Ministry
Tracklisting 1. Let's Go
2. Watch Yourself
3. Life Is Good
4. The Dick Song
5. The Last Sucker
6. No Glory
7. Death and Destruction
8. Roadhouse Blues
9. Die In A Crash
10. End of Days Part One
11. End of Days Part Two
Line up Al Jourgensen
Tommy Victor
Paul Raven
Sin Quirin
John Bechdel