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Ministry - Adios... Puta Madres
Here it is, the report of the very last tour of industrial metal legends Ministry. Although it seems that they’re still very much around, releasing live albums, DVDs and other stuff. Still it is hard to be critical towards uncle Al Jourgensen, for his impact on the musical scene is of inestimable value. For the last time then, the visual recordings of the C U LaTouR 2008.
The first DVD is entitled En Vivo and features fifteen tracks of their setlist for this tour. The montage is done in the hip thirty angles per minute way, making it a cacophony of images flashing by rapidly, perhaps too rapidly. I guess it depends on what you prefer, in my case I would have liked some more time to look at a shot. But whatever, the sound quality is excellent to listen to (perhaps even overdubbed…?) and so is the quality of the images. It’s just that one might have expected the band to play more classics instead of so many songs from their Rio Grande Blood and The Last Sucker records. But then again, it isn’t the first video footage they’ve released.
The second DVD is entitled Fuchi Requiem and is a 45 minute documentary of behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with the musicians on this tour. Starting with the (one month!) rehearsals for the tour, it already reveals that they did a shitload of drinking and partying, Al even hit guitarist Tommy Victor in the head with a dead skunk while he was sleeping. Yummy! It continues to both the U.S. and European trek of the tour, dealing with the 90’s tour fences they brought along to the chosen songs and the aftermath. It’s some nice extra information to look at for the fans.
If you missed their last world tour, you can make up for that right here with this release. Nice footage for the fans and people who might be interested in this brilliant band. I for one wonder what’s up next from them, my guess is a Ministry tribute album or something. Stop milking the cow after it is declared dead already!
Ministry - Adios... Puta Madres
80/1001Details 13th Planet Records
Released on Friday May 22nd, 2009
Industrial Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Thursday May 7th, 2009

Tags: #Ministry
Tracklisting En Vivo:
01. Let\'s Go
02. The Last Sucker
03. Waiting
04. Worthless
05. LiesLiesLies
06. Watch Yourself
07. Life Is Good
08. No W
09. Rio Grande Blood
10. Senor Peligro
11. So What?
12. N.W.O.
13. Just One Fix
14. Thieves
15. What A Wonderful World

Fuchi Requiem:
Line up Al Jourgensen - Vocals, Guitars
Tommy Victor - Guitars
Sin Quirin - Guitars
John Bechdel - Keyboards
Tony Campos -Bass
Aaron Rossi - Drums