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blessthefall - His Last Walk
After doing some research I soon found out this album is a re-release of last years version of His Last Walk. This means that the album I have right here, has an extra song on it, and includes some videos and live footage as well. Good for the fans I’d say! But since I didn’t know blessthefall’s material yet I could have done without the videos. Anyway, despite the promotional sheet that accompanied the promo, which showed 2 different titles for the album, both being wrong (how sloppy?!) here is His Last Walk.
Wow! What a surprise this band is! There’s just so much room for emotions in this music. The songs pretty much all comprise different styles, varying from rock to hardcore-like riffing to straight up screamo. They even claim to have hip-hop, rap and R&B influences in their music, although I find it a little hard to find those. But still, how diverse can a band go?! Add up to that, that there’s plenty of room for tempo changes and you know the songs won’t bore the hell out of you any time soon.
Besides that, all styles are played with an intense power (‘Times Like These’) and/or beauty (‘Eyes Wide Shut’). The songs just drag you in, which is always nice of course! Although the entire result is way more melodic (or “emo”, as some would like to call it), this music may very well appeal to people who are into 36 Crazyfists and Nira May as well. Especially the screaming parts will remind you of 36CF. Really powerful!
It’s really hard to pick one particular song to check out because they simply all kick ass. Although I do have to mention that from the song ‘Pray’ on, things start to get a little too soft every now and then. But that’s really just a small minor.
So we have an album filled with emotional rocking screamo that could very well appeal to a fair share of the 36 Crazyfists fanbase. Add up the nice and somewhat mystic cover and I think it’s quite an understatement to call this ‘a decent album’. Emo fans or fans of the bands mentioned above should just check it out!
Oh yeah, to all the people interested in this band: try to catch ‘em during their European run with Silverstein later this year. A good touring package I’d say!
blessthefall - His Last Walk
74/1001Details Ferret Music
Released on Monday Aug 20th, 2007
Emo / Screamo

Writer @Boek on Wednesday Aug 22nd, 2007

Tags: #blessthefall
Tracklisting 01. A Message To The Unknown
02. Guys Like You Make Us Look Bad
03. Higinia
04. Could Tell A Love
05. Rise Up
06. Times Like These
07. Pray
08. Eyed Wide Shut
09. Wait For Tomorrow
10. Black Rose Dying
11. His Last Walk
12. Rise Up (Acoustic) – BONUS TRACK
13. I Wouldn’t Quit If Everyone Quit – NEW BONUS TRACK

Enhancements include videos and live footage
Line up Craig – Vocals
Jared – Bass
Eric – Guitar
Matt – Drums
Mike – Guitar
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