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August Burns Red, blessthefall, Counterparts - These Americans show how to play a headline show once again
Once again this well-known metalcore band came to The Netherlands. An intro shouldn't be necessary for this band, but for the people who still don't not know: August Burns Red is a band that has been around since 2003 and is best known for their technical music and their amazing live sets. Today they would show this again, and of course they needed some support. For this tour the American post-hardcore band blessthefall and the Canadian hardcore band Counterparts were taken along overseas.

Unfortunately I didn't see Counterparts, because I had to work late and travel to Utrecht afterwards. Therefore, I started the evening with the first American band today: blessthefall. I saw this band for the fourth time or so, and there wasn't much to see or hear that I didn't expect. The band played quite well, the backing vocalist was spot on and the lead vocals were usually out of tune. This is what an unbiased spectator would say about their show. Nevertheless, the light show was quite impressive, there was movement during the set and many people came to see this band and went ape shit on the music. There was a lot of interaction between Beau and the crowd and the band members seemed to enjoy themselves quite a lot today. The best example of the interaction would be the "high-five and stagedive" part: fans had to get up on the stage, give a high-five to the lead vocalist and then, of course, dive from the stage. Many people went on stage for the first two songs after that announcement. It was a good support act, but again the clean vocals were a let-down, which was a huge pity.

When August Burns Red came on the stage, no intro was played and the band started with one of their new songs, called "Provision". The impression lead vocalist Jake made on everyone was very noticable, because his body and muscles had become even bigger than before. The first movement was a circle, which started during the very first song and led to a big mosh pit. While the band played another song from their latest album, the crowd kept on singing and moving along. Although this tour is all about their latest album, the songs they played today were pretty well balanced between all of their albums except their debut album, which doesn't feature Jake and bass player Dustin. The longer the band kept playing, the more remarkable their set was once again. The band seems to have improved during every new show they play in The Netherlands. For example JB seemed to play the guitar even tighter than before and Jake's vocals keep getting darker, heavier and better. Because of the promotional nature of their tour, the band played three songs for the very first time ever during a show, which were "Beauty In Tragedy", "Creative Capacity" and "Spirit Breaker".

As stated before, the band doesn't forget their past and also played songs like "Internal Cannon", "Back Burner" and "Marianas Trench". Both new and old songs were sang along massively and the mosh pits kept going during every song. Of course there were also many crowdsurfers to take the movement to another level. The band ended with "Composure" and "White Washed" and left Tivoli teared down to dust. After these songs Jake stayed on the stage for a while to talk with everyone who wanted to. This shows how much this band cares about their fans and they only receive more respect by doing small things like this. It was a surprise that the band grew even more, but could they grow even more in the future or is this amazing level it? Only time will tell...