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Zonaria - Infamy And The Breed
Zonaria first took form in 2002 under the leadership of guitarist, songwriter and vocalist Simon Berglund along with axeman Emil Nyström (both were 15 at the time). Two years they’ve been touring around before they recorded their first demo. After that, the band went through a succession of member changes which resulted in the current line-up, that has been steady since 2005. Following the award for best Swedish Unsigned Artist in the prestigious Swedish Rock Magazine they signed to US-label Pivotal Rockordings to release their debut album only months later. Zonaria brings you Infamy And The Breed.
And oh my f*cking god! What a grooving power these young lads create. It is in no way clear that these guys are only 18-20 years old and that Infamy And The Breed is only their debut album. Because what you will find on this album is nothing but very strong riffs, possessed drumming, strong melodies and some damn good guitar solos. No time for corny, mellow stuff here, this is real death metal in the vain of Arch Enemy and the likes. Although I have the feeling that Zonaria is a bit more diverse, thus creating an even catchier sound.
And yes, I’ve finally found my album without clean vocals, except for the song ‘Attending Annihilation’, which still is an awesome song by the way. Again, these vocals are so damn strong that it’s hard to believe that the vocalist is only 20 years old. As goes for everybody in this band. Zonaria is something we will hear more of in the future and in wouldn’t surprise me if these guys will absolutely destroy everything and everybody during a live set. Leaving everybody stunned.
I’m not going to tell you which song to check out ‘cause when you’re into (grooving) death metal that will absolutely blast you away, you simply have to check out every song on Infamy And The Breed. No other options left. Zonaria kicks brutal ass and if these guys will visit Holland any time soon I’m pretty sure I’ll be there to witness these Swedish lads. Metal up your ass!
Zonaria - Infamy And The Breed
78/1001Details Pivotal Rockordings
Released on Friday Sep 7th, 2007
Death Metal

Writer @Boek on Friday Aug 31st, 2007

Tags: #Zonaria
Tracklisting 01. Infamy (Intro)
02. The Last Endeavour
03. Pandemic Assault
04. The Armageddon Anthem
05. Rendered In Vain
06. Image Of Myself
07. Evolution Overdose
08. Attending Annihilation
09. Descend Into Chaos
10. Ravage The Breed
11. The Black Omen
12. Everything Is Wasteland
Line up Simon Berglund - Vocals, Guitar
Emil Nystrom - Guitar
Jerry Ekman - Bass
Emanuel Isaksson - Drums
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