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Ringworm - The Venomous Grand Design
If the devil held a noise contest, Ringworm would be a tough competitor! You take a lot of noise. Top it off with some anger. And there you have it; The Venomous Grand Design. Ringworm starts it up with a superfluous intro and then hits you with loud noise in its purest form! After that…Even more noise and anger!
Good guitar riffs, which could and should have been a little more present. Great bass, with an absolute great sound. And a drummer, well, the man’s a machine.
The energy just eats you alive when you first hear this album. Thunderous is the word that first came to mind, headache the second. These guys are not slowing down and keep the amp cranked up to 12, only to turn it off when Hell is already on earth.
However, after four or five songs, you kind of start to wonder whether you are listening to the fourth or the fifth song of the album. I also started to wonder what the hell the guy is SO enormously pissed of about?! I like the occasional shout and anger now and then, but this guy (beautifully named: Human Furnace) just won’t back down. All this is pretty much made up by the best song on the album; “I Preach To No One”. Although, the riff 1:19 minutes into the song does have a little too much similarities to a certain Slayer riff in a certain Slayer song everybody knows (Check it out. If you can’t find a resemblance, please stop talking to me).
Ringworm likes to compare itself to Slayer and Mötorhead. Maybe Strife or Biohazard will do for now, but sorry gents; Slayer and Mötorhead? That’s just aiming too high.
If you buy this record, please stay off sugar, Red Bull or anything else that cranks up your mojo, because my god; these guys give energy!!
Ringworm - The Venomous Grand Design
65/1001Details Victory Records
Released on Tuesday Aug 21st, 2007

Writer @LondonCustoms on Sunday Sep 2nd, 2007

Tags: #Ringworm
Tracklisting Things Are not as they seem
The cage
The ninth circle
Suicidal visions
Razor's line
Never was
I preach to no one
Life's blood
The Key
Hell on earth
Line up Vocals - Human Furnace
Guitar - Frank 3-gun Novinec
Guitar - Aarron Ramirez
Guitar - Matt Sorg
Drums - Chris Dora
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