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The Blackout Argument - Decisions
It’s been only months ago since I reviewed The Blackout Argument’s Munich Angst EP. By that, I was pleasantly surprised and I kinda looked forward to their first full-length. Well, my prayers were heard ‘cause the full-length is already here. This time released through Lifeforce Records. Here is Decisions
Soon it becomes crystal clear that this is a band with balls. With their creation of hardcore heaviness on one side and emotional rock on the other, they come close to creating a style of their own. Although emo-haters will probably disagree with me. But let’s cut the crap and head over the music itself.
The beginning of the album is pretty damn strong. Also vocalist Sinan Akilli once again shows his capabilities with his voice ranging from raw screams to extremely melodic and emotional passages. Furthermore you can expect lots of hardcore breakdowns and mostly mid-tempo riffing.
But then we get to hear ‘Glassbead Game’. A song that, in my opinion, doesn’t do much good to the album as a whole. Not that it’s bad but I think there’s already enough emotional stuff on this album and I would rather hear another ass-kicking track than this mellow stuff. But that’s really just a small minor ‘cause The Blackout Argument’s music is equally touchy as it is heavy, which is a combination that works out just fine for these guys.
And it shows! Check for example the song ‘The Die Song’. Damn! I could have more of that stuff. Straight in your face hardcore, even though it’s a song with only spoken words. Fortunately the heaviness continues in the next song, ‘Regain Serenity’. Now that’s the way this band should continue to write their music. It’s too bad that a song like ‘My Life In Spoken Words’ feels more like an album filler than a real song but I could care less since I like the idea behind the song anyway.
Furthermore we find guest appearances from Geert van der Velde (ex-Shai Hulud, The Architect), Byron Davis (God Forbid) and Benni Buss (Flowing Tears) on this album. For those who care.
To come to an end: The Blackout Argument once again convinced me of their qualities and I can definitely recommend every emo-hardcore fan to check out their music. Touchy yet strong as concrete, melodic yet heavy as fuck. Enjoy!
The Blackout Argument - Decisions
76/1001Details Lifeforce Records
Released on Monday Sep 10th, 2007
Melodic Hardcore

Writer @Boek on Wednesday Sep 5th, 2007

Tags: #The Blackout Argument
Tracklisting 01. Abandon, Good Guy
02. I Against
03. Remain In Silence
04. The Used And The Dead
05. Share Or Leave It
06. Glassbead Game
07. The Die Song
08. Regain Serenity
09. Zombie Aesthetics
10. My Life In Spoken Words
11. Overdose Narcosis
12. Trial And Error. Error. Error
13. A Fulltime Tragedy
Line up Sinan Akilli � Vocals
Sascha Laumann � Bass, Vocals
Chris Lochmann � Guitar
Philip Seidl � Drums
Chris Zehetleitner � Guitar