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The Blackout Argument - Remedies
In their three years of existence, Germany’s The Blackout Argument has already released quite some discs. New album Remedies is the third we received at Metalrage to review. With a new singer, the melodic hardcore band is back with a concept album. Remedies is based on the curative effect of Bach Flowers. Just like these homeopathic remedies offer an answer to various emotional prisons, the tracks on this album reflect the whole spectrum of human emotion. These songs and lyrics are to heal the receiver’s injured hearts and souls and offer new strength and motive force to carry forward this struggle called life.

It was with great pleasure I decided to review this album again. Ever since I encountered The Blackout Argument’s music, I’ve had the feeling this band is capable of writing some damn catchy songs. Still, this doesn’t exactly go for all their songs, but only a couple of them. Which means I always have a hard time judging their releases. With Remedies this isn’t any different. Again, there’s some very nice songs on it, but a song like ‘On The Top Of The Beat (Olive)’ really doesn’t mean that much to me. It’s almost as if the band holds itself back during this song. That raises one question; what for?!

To start with, I’ll state that the addition of singer Raphael Schmid isn’t a bad one. Yet, I think the band got a little downgraded with changing vocalists. I mean, Schmid has the perfect voice for this band and continues in pretty much the same melodic way Akilli used to do. Problem is, I miss a bit of power when it comes to Schmid’s voice; it’s too melodic sometimes, almost whiningly melodic, which doesn’t exactly contribute to the heaviness of the songs. I’d really suggest him to use a few more angry screams on the next album.

Musically the band did a decent job, as always. Expect a really melodic type of hardcore, which is absolutely filled with emotional and passionate music. If you liked other releases of this band, this is without a doubt something for you as well. As for me personally, I’m still having second thoughts. A song like ‘Treasure Chest, Confidential (Gorse)’ makes me wanna hear more of the band, while others make me doubt. I guess I just need a couple more spins before I like this album as much as the others. For now, nice album but not the greatest to date (yet?).
The Blackout Argument - Remedies
71/1001Details Lifeforce Records
Released on Monday Feb 9th, 2009
Melodic Hardcore

Writer @Boek on Wednesday Feb 11th, 2009

Tags: #The Blackout Argument
Tracklisting 01. Tempest (Rescue Remedy)
02. Broken Teeth (Agrimony)
03. Dead But So Alive (Wild Oat)
04. Identity Dispute (Rockwater)
05. Kidnap Yourself (Aspen)
06. The Ravine (Willow)
07. On The Top Of The Beat (Olive)
08. Walking Without Feet (Cearto)
09. Seven Tones Of Grey (Pine)
10. Treasure Chest, Confidential (Gorse)
11. Vampire Searching For Some Light (Larch)
12. Daisied Tree (Hornbeam)
13. Room To Set Sail (Mustard)
14. A Walkover To Endure Being (Chestnut Bud)
Line up Raphael Schmid - Vocals
Sascha Laumann - Bass, Vocals
Chris Lochmann - Guitar
Philip Seidl - Drums
Chris Zehetleitner - Guitar