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Falling Silence - Dog's Life
On a cold afternoon, an envelope drops in my mailbox. I instantly recognise the logo of [b]Metalrage[/b] and I immediately take out the two cds which are in it. One of them is labeled [b]�Falling Silence � Dog�s Life�[/b]. Hmm� sounds interesting. The sound that the men and woman produce on this record is a bit hard to cathegorize, so I�ll use a part of the biography of the band to try and make it clear: [quote] Ever since the summer of 1995, [b]Falling Silence[/b] has been mixing nineties metal with today�s sonorities in order to create a personal style.�[/quote] I instantly liked the guitarsound of the band, which sounds like a razorblade cleaving through your eardrums (more like [b]Destiny�s End[/b]�s guitarsound). With sharp, steady riffs, sometimes a bit speedy and another time somewhat slower, diversity is a keyword to this album. The drums are also very tight and the fast fills are nice to listen to. Drummer Erick certainly did a nice job on this record. Therefore I thought it was a pity when I read on the website he has been replaced by a guy named �Lax�. I didn�t have the chance of hearing his drumming yet, though. Female singer Loredane Moresi has to be complimented on her sturdy voice and emotional songwriting. The ballad �Can�t Live Without Water� for example, is one of those very well written songs from which the lyrics raise the hair in your neck. Guitarist Seba adds his additional vocals to the album, which gives it an even more raw sound on some of the songs. When he starts singing, one word keeps popping up in my head: �Hardcore�. His voice reminded me a lot of that of [b]Pro Pain[/b]�s frontman Gary Meskil. The only thing I�m really missing on this album are technical guitarsolos. I can�t exactly say why, but I�m really craving for technical guitarsolo�s when listening to this kind of music. It�s a pity the band didn�t see the need for this on [i]Dog�s Life[/i]� [i]Dog�s Life[/i] is a well-produced, aggressive and well written album, which deserves a lot of credit. The band has come a long way already with the impressive discography of 5 demo cds and three full-length albums. If you like sturdy, aggressive metal with raw, female vocals and without technical guitarsolo�s, [b]Falling Silence[/b] is definitely the band for you! Line-Up: Lore: vocals Seba: guitar, vocals Erick: drums Mao: bass Tracklisting: 1. Dog�s Life 2. The Same Way For Everyone 3. Sientate Un Momento 4. And The Beauty Of Black Covered Everything 5. Lost Animals 6. Special Thanks To The Shit 7. One Against All 8. Burning The Pedestals 9. The Back Of The Medal 10. Nelle Mie Note (Tutta La Rabbia) 11. As Perfect As You Want Us 12. Trapailleros Forajidos 13. The Darkness Look For Us, Call Us And Tempt Us 14. This Is Our Rage 15. Can�t Live Without Water Review by BlackRain
Falling Silence - Dog's Life
85/1001Details VideoRadio
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Carn on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Falling Silence
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