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Falling Silence - Another Day Another Dollar
Falling Silence also reached my portal, and after reading the interesting review by BlackRain of their full length Dog�s Life I was expecting quite high quality music. Let�s hear if they�ve changed sounds in that year. The album starts with an intro that works on my nerves. When the music erupts I was disappointed. After such high quality as Gory Blister, I have to listen to this crap. I can�t do anything with this music and when I see the band photo, I thought of some left orientated hippies. The riffs are not bad though, but the irritating voice of the vocalist is working on my nerves. I don�t like the Guano Apes and I definitely do not like Falling Silence. I hoped the music changed during the album, but I found out that it keeps getting more annoying during the songs and after listening the album in whole I hoped that I misjudged it, so I played it another time. After 5 songs again I removed the disc and got myself some nice music for instance. I can�t remember hearing quality songs and I do not agree with BlackRain. Too bad for this band but this sounds like crap. The album is filled up with some old tracks from the Dog�s Life album. Not that original and you must be quite stupid to pay money for this. I must confess that the songs that came after those 4 new ones, are a lot better, but still it isn�t my style. What can I say more, this is a mere attempt to reach ears, but with this shit you won�t catch flies. There surely are people that like this music, but I�m not that one. If you even make grammatical errors in your song titles, then I think it�s over. Track List: 1: Intro 2: Wars 3: Silence After Controvercy 4: Killing Innocence 5: Dog�s Life 6: The Same Way For Everyone 7: One Against All 8: Special Thanks To The Shit 9: Trapailleros Forajidos 10: Lost Animals Line Up: Vocals � Lore Guitars/Vox � Seba Bass � Mao Drums � Lax Sampler - Infuse
Falling Silence - Another Day Another Dollar
42/1001Details Hardebaran
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Mat-Core on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Falling Silence
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