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Revolution Mother - Glory Bound

Revolution Mother�.The new band surrounding pro skater Mike Vallely. After ending his former project, Mike V and The Rats, Mike and Jason started their new band in 2005. The birth of Revolution Mother! And is it an abomination or a celebration of new life?

Revolution Mother plays a style of music which has its roots in hardcore/punk (especially concerning the attitude and the vocal style) and speedrock. The first name that came up in my mind was Green Jell�. Maybe strange because Green Jell� is more known by their puppet show than their music, but especially the way Mike V. sounds and the way the songs are arranged reminded me of Green Jell�. 

This isn�t a bad case in my opinion! When you think away the silly lyrics and the freakshow of Green Jell�, they played nice music with very diverse songs. And this is also the case with Revolution Mother. They don�t have that much variety in the songs, but still enough to make it a nice listen. The main weakness of hardcore and punk-albums is that after a couple of songs it seems like you're listening the album on repeat. On Glory Bound, Revolution Mother shows that variation is possible!
Despite the variety, the quality of the songs isn�t world shocking. I like the first couple of songs a lot, after that, the level of the songs is dropping off a bit. Not that there are very bad songs on this disc, but also not a lot of songs that convince me as much as the first couple of songs do. I think the songs are a bit too straight forward and for the next record I would advise to put a bit of new elements in the music. 

So what is the verdict? Well, it�s not guilty or innocent. The jury is still not out what to think of this band and is very curious what they will deliver with their next outing. Glory Bound is a nice, but not a groundbreaking cd. For people who like the genre it definitely isn�t a waste of money. They have too much talent and this CD is a tad above decent. Though they should�ve stayed away from covering �Hole In The Sky��.

Revolution Mother - Glory Bound
70/1001Details Cement Shoes Records
Released on Monday Aug 27th, 2007
Punk / Rock 'N Roll

Writer @Neurotic on Monday Sep 10th, 2007

Tags: #Revolution Mother
Tracklisting 1. Come On
2. Above The Crawl
3. Switchblades&Urethane
4. Bullet
5. Burning From Inside
6. Do Or Die
7. The Real Deal
8. The Accuser
9. Hole In The Sky
10. Who I Am
11. Roll Tonight
Line up Mike Vallely � Vocals
Colin Buis � Bass
Jason Hampton � Guitars
Brendan Murphy � Drums