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Revolution Mother - Rollin With Tha Mutha
The album title makes one think that we’re dealing with hippetie-hop, rap or some other form of what some people describe as music. So put on yer Karl Kani suit and your SeanJohn cap, pull out yo bling and fire up a spliff. Let’s go...

From the very first nanosecond, Revolution Mother makes it more than very clear that they have absolutely nothing to do with hip-hop and gangstas an bling. Appearantly these kids are more into making a whole lot of fucking fuzz drenched rock ‘n’ muthafuckin’ roll!! Think Motorhead, Probot and some AC/DC here and there. Drums are tight, bass just does what is expected and the guitars are loud as fuck! The vocals fit this kind of music. Not exceptionally great, but exceptionally loud!

The first song on the record sets the tone for the rest, which is rockin’ like a freighttrain as well!! The follow up starts out with great heavy ass guitars and drums that makes even the biggest Mozart lovin’ mothafucka at least nod his head. They keep up the pace right up to ‘The Snake’ where this album is slowed down a bit, without losing any of the previous intensity. Then the rock continues up to ‘Crossroads’...writing this song also must have had a scientific reason as well, since they try to find out just how many noise one can make with a guitar.

Revolution Mother made one hell of a rockin album with this one! So if you’re like me and like tapping yer feet and nodding yer head to really fucking loud music, you’ll be one happy camper when you're the proud owner of this shiny disc one fine day! In other words; go get this record! Now!
Revolution Mother - Rollin With Tha Mutha
86/1001Details ferret music
Released on Monday Nov 16th, 2009

Writer @LondonCustoms on Monday Nov 16th, 2009

Tags: #Revolution Mother
Tracklisting 01. Rollin’ With Tha Mutha
02. MOFO
03. Killin’ Machine
04. Born To Rock ‘n’ Roll
05. The Snake
06. Night Ride
07. Ride The Sky
08. Hitlist
09. Runaway Train
10. Time Machine
11. Crossroader
12. The Rider
Line up Mike Valley – Vocals
Jason Hampton – Guitars
Brendan Murphy – Drums
Colin Bius – Bass