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Agathocles - Theatric Symolisation of Life
If you sincerely detest commercial music, and have an apreciation for lo-fi rumbling grind, Agathocles must be one of your friends. Their catalogue consists of nothing but stripped-down Belgian boneshaky material.
Now, seventeen years later, the Antwerpians barf out 9 sixteen year old tracks (a reissue of their 1990 debut) and 10 seventeen year old (live) tracks as a bonus. Most ear-catching has to be their sound, which was obviously more death-based than their current cellar-sound grindcore. The fast parts are rare compared to their latter work.
The live material however is of an awfull recording quality (no shit.. 1990), where one can only make out the (drowned sounding) guitar along with the snaredrums.
Oh, the combination of deadseriously citing poems inbetween the blasting is a hilarious one. Even though I doubt that is the intention.
Cool stuff for the collectors and the enthousiasts, I guess.
Agathocles - Theatric Symolisation of Life
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Released on Monday Sep 17th, 2007
Grind / Death

Writer @Lex on Monday Sep 17th, 2007

Tags: #Agathocles
Tracklisting 1 Burning Water (intro) / Lack of Personality
2 Four Walls
3 Theatric Symbolisation of Life
4 Like an Ivy / Suffocation
5 Kill Your Fucking Idols
6 The Truth Begins Where Man Stops to Think
7 Train / The Tree
8 What a Nerve
9 Alternative - Another Trend
10 The Tree (live)
11 Let it be For What it Is (live)
12 Lack of Personality (live)
13 Theatric Symbolisation of Life (live)
14 Consuming Endoderme Plus (live)
15 Suffocation (live)
16 Four Walls (live)
17 What a Nerve (live)
18 Threshold to Senility (live)
19 Pulverised
Line up Erwin: Bass
Burt: Drums
Chris: Guitar
Jan: Vocals