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Agathocles - Mincer
Grindcore, goregrind, mincecore, whatever! Agathocles play grind, nomatter how anyone wishes to label hem. Loud stuff equals good stuff in the happy fluffy world of grindcore, and so I can tell every Agathocles or general grind fanatic: rest asure, ‘Mincer’ is another kickass symphony by the Belgians. The stuff we’re used to: short bursts of energy with low rumbling guitars and oldschool Carcass style of singing.
One of the coolest things about Agathocles is their frequent “surprise element” in the form of a hardcore breakdown, a happy riff or other assorted gleefullness. Not just an unending rant of blastbeats. It keeps their albums a bit of an edge a lot grind-clones fail to fuel their sound with. Speaking of sound: it’s nice and murky. Sounds like 100% kickass basement quality to me, which happens to be a nice setting for a grind album.
Ooh, let’s not forget the underlying social and political thematics. Mixed up with great classics such as "forced to masturbate". Not that you will be able to understand a single word, but then again it is one of the charming aspects of underground music and one of the reasons for my Napalm Death fetish.
To wrap it up the mince-boys have added a nice pack of artwork. All in all it is a merry selection of death and decay you wouldn’t want to miss as a grind freak. Agathocles does it again!
Agathocles - Mincer
70/1001Details Displeased
Released on Monday May 1st, 2006

Writer @Lex on Monday May 1st, 2006

Tags: #Agathocles
Tracklisting 1. Dethrone the Tyrant
2. Matadores del Libertad
3. Maze of Papers
4. Empty Frame
5. War Fetisjists Kill
6. Carved Face Fashion
7. Forced to Masturbate
8. Ergos - Thanatos
9. Archives and Files
10. Yuppie Career Freak
11. Diary of White Trash
12. Bass the Gabbers
13. Kurose
14. Expendable Goods
15. Class War Necessity
16. Logical Exodus
17. Misery = Destiny
18. Pricks at Gigs
19. Goredom - Boredom
20. Where it Belongs
21. Mincer
Line up Dirk - Vocals, Guitar
Jan - Vocals, Bass
Roel - Drums