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The Red Chord - Prey For Eyes
Since I�ve seen them live and interviewed them, The Red Chord have a special little place in my heart. Weirdo�s making hardcore/mathcore/metal. Now they deliver us their third offering; Prey For Eyes, which I just had to buy.
If you�re a true mathcore fan, you probably already noticed that the previous album of The Red Chord was more toned down already. This one takes it even further, making the music more accessible, melodic, and just basically more hardcore and (death) metal. So if you�re looking for another album that will terrorize your brain, look elsewhere. If you�re looking for a kick ass metal band with some great songs, check this out. Of course there still are some weird parts, like some jazzy stuff and a weird synthesizer in the track 'It Came From Over There', but overall one can follow the songs more easily, compared to their first album.
One of the strongest assets of this band is the vocalist. This guy (whose name actually is Guy) packs an amazing voice, that is quite understandable to me, and really convinces me of whatever he is saying. Seeing him live is a real treat by the way, the way he looks at people while shouting his lyrics is awesome!
The songs took longer to get to me than usual, but this is probably also due to the fact that I haven�t seen the guys in a while again. Overall there are some awesome riffs to be found on this disc, and I suspect I will play it many times to come.
The Red Chord - Prey For Eyes
80/1001Details Metal Blade
Released on Tuesday Jul 24th, 2007

Writer @DemonDust on Wednesday Sep 19th, 2007

Tags: #The Red Chord
Tracklisting 1. Film Critiques And Militia Men
2. Dread Prevailed
3. It Runs In The Family
4. Send The Death Storm
5. Pray For Eyes
6. Responsibles
7. Midas Touch
8. Tread On The Necks Of Kings
9. It Came From Over There
10. Intelligence Has Been Compromised
11. Open Eyed Beast Attack
12. Birdbath
13. Bone Needle
14. Seminar
Line up Guy Kozowyk - vocals
Mike McKenzie - guitar, vocals
Jonny Fay - guitar
Greg Weeks - bass
Brad Fickeisen - drums