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The Red Chord - Meet The Wizard
As with visiting The Locust, I just gambled and went here hoping for a cool show. Little did I know that this would be far beyond my wildest expectations. I knew that they made highly technical noisy stuff that is comparable to bands like The DEP and Cephalic Carnage whom I both admire very much so I guessed it would be an all right evening. But it was far more than that…

The first band to play was Sengaia. I had heard about them, but I didn’t know what it would be. Class A mathcore was what it proved to be! With the drummer of 37 Stabwoundz behind the kit a lot of magic can happen, especially in rhythms that I couldn’t even follow. The stage performance wasn’t as smashing as with most of the bands in this genre, but the songs were played nice and tight. The only thing I wasn’t too happy about were the emo vocals, on the album he gets away with them due to effects and stuff but live it was a slight downer. Still, a very nice show from a very talented band of whom I hope to see a lot more in the future.
I completely missed the second band Massive Assault because I was interviewing Greg (bass) and Mike (guitar, backing vocals) from The Red Chord of whom I didn’t really know anything but still wanted to do an interview with. They proved to be as goofy as Cephalic Carnage so I laughed my ass of during this 55 minute conversation. Coming soon!
Now where to begin? As soon as the words ‘we are The Red Chord’ were spoken the musical mayhem accompanied by a Neanderthal grunt blasted through the speakers grabbing everybody’s attention, not to let go until it was over. The show they played was extremely tight for such bizarre rhythmical stuff, but they made it look easy and effortless. Their mathcore contained a high dose of metalcore beatdown riffs so occasionally some violence erupted in the crowd.

Now to see those guys on stage is an experience alone. They’re all a bunch of fruitcakes if you ask me, and I like fruitcakes! Seldom have I seen such a charismatic vocalist on stage. This man, bearded and muscled and of impressing measurements had the most friendly glance in his eyes, I instantly loved him. He kept waving his fingers to the beats of the songs (not always right though), jumping around while screaming and grunting from the depths of his lungs. Funny to see him screaming quite convincingly while facing the people in front of the stage.

But that wasn’t the only remarkable thing about this show. Everybody who was present at this show has a new meaning for the words; ‘the wizard’! The bassist was wearing a purple shirt with an artistic wizard drawing on it, that they just kept screaming between the songs. ‘Do you like wizards? And wolves? How about bears then?’ I laughed so much this evening, it’s hard to take metal serious with acts like these around. Can’t wait to see them again!