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Wolfpack Unleashed - Anthems of Rebellion
Wolfpack Unleashed. Well, that’s quite a neat name for a metal band. These Austrians are about to unleash (easy pun there) their debutalbum Anthems of Rebellion, a nicely filled disc of modern thrash-metal tunes.

Formed by guitarist Wops Koch as a studio project with acclaimed drummer Daniel Herbel; Wolfpack Unleashed quickly turned into a fully fledged band with the inclusion of vocalist/bassist Günther Wirth and guitarist Karl Preininger. You can easily hear what albums these guys listened to: Old Megadeth, Annihilator and Testament parallels are easily made. And of course, you aren’t a modern metal band if you have your fair share of Göteborg-riffs shredding by.

It’s been a long time that I could easily form an opinion about a record. “Helping” factor in this case are the qualities of the bandmembers: While the guitar and rhytmsection is as tight as a frozen dead bunny, my main problem with the record is vocalist/bassist Wirth: He tries to be a jack of all trades: harsh stuff, grunts and clean vocals, he attempts them all, but never really nails it. Some of the vocals actually sound a bit out of key, in which case I preferred a more basic approach. The band’s bio actually says: “We didn’t want a screamer who kills all the harmonies and melodies by barking all time. That’s the way most other modern Thrash bands do it, and every time they sound like a crap-version of Slayer.” To be honest, the crap-version of Slayer might be preferable in this case. But who knows, if Wirth gets a more solid voice things should definitely sound better. But maybe that's just me.

All in all; check out some songs online; Musically speaking these guys are in the same musical area as other "young" bands like Trivium, altough Wolfpack Unleashed has a bit more of an 80s bay area thing going, so if you like that go check it out. 80 points for the music, 60 for the vocals, so that makes it a 70.
Wolfpack Unleashed - Anthems of Rebellion
70/1001Details Napalm Records
Released on Tuesday Oct 23rd, 2007
modern thrash metal

Writer @Carn on Tuesday Sep 25th, 2007

Tags: #Wolfpack Unleashed
Tracklisting 1) Last Dance Of A Dying King
2) Religion Of Control
3) Next Victim
4) Killing Fields
5) Disgrace Erased
6) Warzone
7) To Challenge Death
8) Eroica
9) Wolfpack Unleashed

Line up Daniel Haberl- Drums
Karl Preininger- Guitars
Wops Koch- Guitars
Günther Wirth- Vocals&Bass