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Suppository - Punching Out Reality
Suppository was founded in 1992 when 2 people Rutger Ragout and Max Goulash wanted to start a brutal band. They did and the musicians followed. Now they have produced 2 demo's, a split album with Agathocles and a split 10" with Mindflair. Several musicians left and came to this band, but now there is a steady line up and their first album called Punching Out Reality came out in the spring of 2002. The album starts with Gun at 15, where the vocals have been through the computer. No problem. It's a midtempo song with great vocals in Rompeprop style, except they don't use the voicebox in every song. Most vocals on the album are fully humanly produced!. Take The Fall is the second song and with a lenght of 2 minutes one of the longer songs on the album. The music is to be described as Grindcore, but with a heavy background to Death Metal. It's not as low, brutal and destroying as Sanatorium, but they do use funny samples of movies. A very decent Dutch grindcore band it is and they have played with Regurgitate in the summer. That says enough as Regurgitate fans surely will love this band!! Noteworthy songs are: Surface, Detonate, Liberation by Tradition and Move On. I was amused on the roots of this band, which lie in my own country. The Netherlands! I never thought Forensick would sign a Dutch band, but they haven't done wrong in signing this band for the grindcore fans will have to buy this album! Other bands which sound quite like this are: Regurgitate and Exhumed My score for this album is 73/100 because it's an album that's not open for other styles. It's pure for the grindcore/extreme deathmetal fans. 1: Gun At 15 2: Take The Fall 3: Set It Off 4: Surface 5: Diversions 6: Mindbender 7: Ignorance Is Bliss 8: Detonate 9: Failed Heroically 10: Buttons 11: Move On 12: Inner Meltdown 13: Liberation By Tradition 14: Man Made Machine 15: Mockery 16: Excessive Contributor 17: Compulsive Elements 18: For Sale Line Up: Guitars: Robin The Boy Wonder Bass: Max Goulash Vocals: Boris Bastard Drums: Rutger Ragout
Suppository - Punching Out Reality
73/1001Details Forensick Records
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Mat-Core on Thursday May 20th, 2004

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