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Collision, Sickbag, Suppository, Shapes Of Misery - Grindnight
What to do on a Saturday night other than visiting a grindnight? Four bands making some extremely noisy music to bang your head to, let�s fucking go man!
First band on the bill was Shapes Of Misery, a fairly young grindcore band in the vein of Napalm Death and Nasum. I�ll be clear about this, there were some nice parts and there were some boring parts. Nothing new here at all, but definitely not a torture to listen to. Dual screamy hardcore vocals and drums with no toms at all was their offer, but I kind of missed some drum-rolls besides the endless blasting. A nice warm-up for the mayhem yet to come nonetheless.
Up next was Suppository, a band that I�ve seen a couple of times in the past, but that�s so long ago that I haven�t even seen them with their �new� vocalist; Luc from F.U.B.A.R. I have good memories about the shows I�ve seen from them, and this show proved that these memories were justified. Good brutal d-beat grindcore with a lot of nice riffs. The new vocalist was absolutely no loss for the band at all, because Luc managed just fine this evening. It�s just that most of their songs contain, besides some cool brutal shit, some riffs that don�t really add anything to the song besides the length of it. You know, stuff you heard a thousand times so it sounds quite meaningless nowadays. That�s the only minor for me with Suppository, for the rest they blasted my ass off and I kind of have a thing for getting my ass blasted off, so it was good.
Sickbag was the main reason I was here, because I remember checking out their MySpace and I remember liking what I heard. So when I saw that they would be doing some Dutch shows I really wanted to attend one. I�m very glad I did, because this band fucking rules! An awesome energetic vocalist prowled over the stage as if his ass was on fire, throwing out an incredible hardcore scream and brutal pig grunt. From the first to the last song I enjoyed myself splendidly, amazing myself about how convincing their songs were and how they could hold my attention all the way through. Good brutal riffs with a certain touch of a personal songwriting style, which is something that�s hard to achieve in death metal and grindcore anyway. I can only conclude this review by saying that anyone with a taste for brutal death metal should check this out, especially live if you get the chance. It�s becoming very clear to me that there�s more stuff to do in metal France than just Gojira, and Sickbag is a perfect example of that.
Headliners were my friends from Collision, whom as always put up a blasting grindcore performance with their dual vocal attack. The considerable amount of alcohol in my blood made sure I enjoyed this performance to the max, it even got me shouting along to songs as �Kill Phil� and �O My Goth�. The intensity and tightness of drummer Job made sure the band sounded like a train running through a concrete wall, while the two vocalists made the whole a psychotic and nerve-wrecking experience. Their mixture of thrash/hardcore and full blown grindcore always appeals to me, and tonight was obviously no exception. It�s just too bad the grind scene in Holland isn�t big enough to really give this band opportunities to go to bigger places. But hell, they don�t seem to mind. As long as we all can have a good time, drink beer, and bang our heads!