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Danzig - The Lost Tracks Of Danzig
This band does not need an introduction, for they (He) have been around for many years. This is really a case of you love it, or you hate it. The band formed around vocalist Glenn Danzig have scored a big hit with their song 'Mother', which is also featured on the great harmonix game Guitar Hero. The album I have here is a double CD, with their b-sides, to be blunt. It�s a collection of songs that weren�t interesting enough to be featured on one of the studio records. This doesn�t mean these songs are worthless though, and Mister Danzig needs the cash, so we are presented with The Lost Tracks of Danzig.
Well, as I stated earlier in this review, Danzig is a typical case of �Love It, Hate It�, I think I belong to neither, because I think it�s worthless when I�m sober, but I totally love it when I�m stoned. The vocals of Danzig are a bit whiney, but listen well, and it seems to make sense. Damn, actually saying Danzig makes sense is something new, but really. I love this album.
Starting with the first song �Pain Is Like An Animal� I hear nice rocking songs, with the occasional ballad in between. Perfectly for driving a 20 ton combo through the Czech Republic or some other eastern European country. This also works while not driving a 20 ton combo�
The second disc is a prolongation of the first, but there are more tracks on it that sound like demo tracks or something, because the sound quality is quite low. However, the songs are interesting enough, but after the 7th or 8th song it really is enough for me. The total length of these discs is around 120 minutes and that is really too much Danzig for me.
Listening to this records in parts works perfectly well though, so after a little while I had still heard every song on this album. Well, I actually don�t love this album but neither it is bad. It�s very entertaining though, and I can be damn sure about it that I will play this record when I�m driving a car or something. A word of warning though, don�t expect any �Mother�-like songs.
Danzig - The Lost Tracks Of Danzig
80/1001Details Evilive Records
Released on Saturday Jul 7th, 2007

Writer @Mat-Core on Sunday Oct 7th, 2007

Tags: #Danzig
Tracklisting CD1

1: Pain Is Like An Animal
2: When Death Had No Name (1st Version)
3: Angel Of The Seventh Dawn
4: You Should Be Dying
5: Cold, Cold Rain
6: Buick McKane
7: When Death Had No Name
8: Satan's Crucifixion
9: The Mandrake's Cry
10: White Devil Rise
11: Come To Silver (Acoustic)
12: Deep
13: Warlok


1: Lick The Blood Of My Hands
2: Crawl Across Your Killing Floor
3: I Know Your Lie
4: Caught In My Eye
5: Cat People
6: Bound By Blood
7: Who Claims The Soulless
8: Malefical
9: Soul Eater
10: Dying Seraph
11: Lady Lucifera
12: Under The Belly Of The Beast
13: Unspeakable (Shango Mix)
Line up Vocals, Guitar, Keys - Glenn Danzig
Drums - John Kelly
Guitar - Todd Youth
Bass, Backing Vocals - Steve Zing