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The Bones - Burnout Boulevard
Some guys who appear to be 30+ with bad hairdo and cheesy nicknames. Hmm�what to think of this? Oh well, we�re only judging music here! But the thing is, when I�m 30+ and have a cheesy nickname, which I will definitely have, I kinda wanna make a little better music and kinda wanna be a little better at playing my instrument than I am right now. 

The Bones delivered an album that is not particularly bad. It�s just not any better than the other 10,000 bands that make albums like these, and these bands mostly are doing a debut EP. This is The Bones� fourth studio album� So is it really that bad? Hell no! It�s a nice background album, when smoking weed and playing videogames with your homeboyzz�But that�s about it. Don�t go looking for musical high lights here, It�s just simple four bars-couple o� chords guitar work and bass/snare/bass/bass/snare type o� drummin�, with a barely noticeable bassline. The guitar solos are a welcome variation, but don�t go expecting Slash or Zakk Wylde. 

All in all it�s a pretty easy listener with no highs and no real lows. Burnout Boulevard (Am I the only one seeing a Boulevard of broken dreams rip off here?!) is pretty much the same from �Mighty Touchdown� until �Fit My Skin�. Nothing more, nothing less...
The Bones - Burnout Boulevard
60/1001Details Century Media Records
Released on Monday Oct 22nd, 2007

Writer @LondonCustoms on Sunday Oct 14th, 2007

Tags: #The Bones
Tracklisting 1. Mighty Touchdown
2. Flatline Fever
3. She hates Me (Yeah Yeah Yeah!)
4. Stuck In The Mud
5. Not My Kind
6. Straight Flush Ghetto
7. Sealed With A Fist
8. Dead Weight
9. Ain't Life A Mother Fucker
10. Unpredictable
11. Destination X
12. Black Day Boogie
13. Too Many Miles
14. Fools Vacation
15. Fit In My Skin
Line up Boner - Lead guitar&Backup/lead vocals
Spooky Fred - Drums&backup vocals
Andi Nero - Bass and Backup vocals
Beef Bonanza - Guitar and lead vocals