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Another Kind of Death/Adrift/Moksha/Moho - Waterloo
Another Kind Of Death, Adrift, Moksha and Moho decided to do it together on this split-record. In this case, that means a bunch of fresh aggression. A lot actually.
Another Kind Of Death starts with their aggressive scream/metalcore music. Especially the end of �Alcohol & Glitter� amuses me due to the massive all-together screaming. However, the band seems to desire an experimental style where the aggressive parts are being changed by some dark, jazzy tunes which does change the atmosphere in the songs, but miss in effectiveness to create interesting songs as a whole.
Second band is Adrift, a band that actually is able to create exciting songs with complex, heavy and very different riffs all together. Especially �Ramses� has a bunch off killer riffs that would easily funk up a crowd, whereas �Paseo Por El Nino� makes clear that Adrift is not afraid of lengthening their songs into dark, epical schemes. Maybe a little too experimental, but these guys are showing their capabilities in a fine way.
Third is Moksha, a band that likes to speed things up a little bit. And my oh, my, what a great explosion this band is. Guided by the heavy guitars, the singer shows a heavy grunt instead of the straight screams the previous bands came up with. And most important of all, this band knows that leaving things out will do the songs much more good than piling riff after riff. Try to get your ear on �The Nemesis Summer� which is a weird combination of rock & roll and metal like Betzefer plays. How tasty!
Final band Moho obviously had the smallest budget for this record, according to vocals, which are hardly noticeable. This makes the distorted guitar and the �bold� drums sound a little annoying. Although the songs are pretty logical, they lack originality, especially after hearing Moksha on the very same record.
As a conclusion, I�d say that as a promo, this is a pretty fine disk, but as a fan of heavy music, the difference in quality is simply too big to make Waterloo an interesting disk for the record stores.
Another Kind of Death/Adrift/Moksha/Moho - Waterloo
No ScoreDetails Underhill records
Released on Monday Dec 25th, 2006

Writer @CarpeSiem on Thursday Oct 25th, 2007

Tags: #Another Kind of Death/Adrift/Moksha/Moho
Tracklisting 1. Alcohol & Glitter (Another Kind of Death)
2. The Murderer in Our Romance (Another Kind of Death)
3. Salted Tears (Another Kind of Death)
4. El Ladrido (Adrift)
5. Ramses (Adrift)
6. Paseo por el Nilo (Adrift)
7. Temptations (Moksha)
8. The Nemesis Summer (Moksha)
9. Keep on Walking (Moksha)
10. Gargantor (Moho)
11. El Segador (Moho
Line up