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Crionics - Neuthrone
I wonder why I never heard of Crionics before. This Polish band was formed a decade ago and features (ex-)members of Sceptic and Thy Disease, while Neuthrone is their third album. Is their music just plain crap, which could be the reason that I donít know these guys?

No, that canít be the reason at all because Iím spoiled with yet another devastating high quality release out of Polandís extreme metal scene! From start till finish Crionics sounds like an oiled machine thatíll destruct anything that comes on its path. Therefore itís not an album for the guitar virtuosoís but more for the fans of mechanical work.

Crionicsí sound is for a big part based on Kowalskiís excellent tight drumming. But besides the drums there is also a large role for Vac-V for his use of electronics and samples. These certainly do not (over)rule their music, but have a big impact on the atmosphere and industrial feeling. The comparison with Thy Disease is easily made, but Thy Disease sometimes uses too much electronics while Crionics mixed them better in their music.

Then there are also black metal influences on Neuthrone. This due to the dark atmosphere and the horrid tempoís and maybe because of the past as well - hereís your comparison with Behemoth - Crionics tended to play black metal in their early years. This can be heard on
"Black Warriors", which is actually a re-recording of a demo track from 1998.

Now Iíd also like to name the mighty Vader in my review, since singer Waran has the same vocal style as Vaderís Wiwczarek. And did I call Decapitated already? Well, Crionics plays just as tight as they do. My conclusion is therefore that Crionics can easily be placed on the list of all the mentioned bands that represent the great Polish death metal scene.
Crionics - Neuthrone
93/1001Details Candlelight Records
Released on Monday Jul 16th, 2007
Blackened Death Metal

Writer @Mindsaver on Sunday Oct 28th, 2007

Tags: #Crionics
Tracklisting 01. Introduction
02. New Pantheon
03. Arrival 2033
04. NeuThroneAeon
05. Superiors
06. Hell Earth
07. Humanmeat Cargo
08. Outer Empire
09. Frozen Hope
10. When The Sun Goes Out...
11. Black Warriors (Bonus Track)
Line up Waran (War-An, Micha≥ Skotniczny) - Vocals, Guitars
Darkside (Maciek Kowalski, also known as Alizee666, Satyriasis) - Drums
Vac-V - Keyboards