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Diablo Swing Orchestra - The Butcher's Ballroom
Sometimes, I don't feel much like reviewing records. You have this little staple of CDs on your desk, just looking at you screaming "please judge our contents", and often that exists of listening through another well done Italian power-thrash band (just as non-exciting as the third season of Prison Break), or one of those grind-death discs originating from Belarus. So, when something like Diablo Swing Orchestra arrives it's already sticking out like a sore, but nice thumb. 

This (first) album has already been released in 2006 but it's not a suprise that it has been rereleased again. The Butcher's Ballroom from this Swedish ensemble has won the 'Biggest Suprise' award from Metalstorm, and rightfully so. Their music if often described as 'eclectic', meaning: Eclecticism is used to describe the combination in a single work of elements from different historical styles.

On The Butcher's Ballroom you'll hear operatic female vocals, a creative use of classic instruments like the cello, jazz, flutes, all composed around tight guitar riffs and ditto rhythm section. One could say that a band like Nightwish contains the same elements; but DSO has the guts to mix a giant amount of other styles -in a single track-. 

Opener "Balrog Boogie" is basically a big band swing-tune, and tracks like "Poetic Pitbull Revelations" have a Spanish vibe to it; it only misses a part that suits for Flamengo dancing. Another highlight is the instrumental "Gunpowder Chant", which could be the soundtrack to some daft shopping in an eastern Bazaar. It also has a didgeridoo. Imagine that.

The record reminds me of a historical play with music, but in a rock/metal sauce. It's Musical Creativity at its finest (note the capitals), and even if it might be a little bit too "far out" for some, I think it's a must hear for everybody, just so you know that there are still original things happening in the big world of 'metal'.
Diablo Swing Orchestra - The Butcher's Ballroom
90/1001Details Candlelight Records/The End (2006)
Released on Tuesday Apr 3rd, 2007
Symphonic Avantgarde Metal

Writer @Carn on Thursday Nov 8th, 2007

Tags: #Diablo Swing Orchestra
Tracklisting Act # 1
01. Balrog Boogie
02. Heroines
03. Poetic Pitbull Revolutions
04. Rag Doll Physics
05. D'Angelo
06. Velvet Embracer
Act# 2
07. Gunpowder Chant
08. Infralove
09. Wedding March For A Bullet
10. Qualms Of Conscience
11. Zodiac Virtues
12. Porcelain Judas
13. Pink Noise Waltz
Line up Daniel H�kansson - guitars, vocals
Pontus Mantefors - guitars, fx
Annlouice Loegdlund - vocals
Andy Johansson - bass
Johannes Bergion - cello
Andreas Halvardsson - drums