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Apocalyptica - Worlds Collide
I always kept quite a distance towards instrumental music. My love of music often focuses a lot on the singer and his or her vocal qualities. A band can be instrumentally superb, but when the named band have a horrible singer I dismiss it immediately. I normally find instrumental albums dull and I always miss the vocals. So reviewing a disc of Apocalyptica should be quite the challenge for me.
Worlds Collide is already their sixth album. I remember their debut album causing a stir back in the day, but after that I never paid them any attention and thought that they were just a one hit wonder. How I could be more wrong�..I stumbled upon them after some raving reviews in other magazines and their single �I�m Not Jesus�, which features one of my favourite singers in the metalscene, Corey Taylor. And now I got the opportunity to find out why a lot of people are crazy about them�.
Since their last few albums the amount of guest singers and instrumentalists is growing. This is also the case with this album. People like Till Lindeman, Cristina Scabbia and Corey Taylor are singing their parts along and also their long time friend Dave Lombardo is drumming on Worlds Collide. But in spite of all the guests there�s still enough room for the cello on this album.
A problem that can occur when you have so many guest musicians on your album is that it could draw away the focus on the band itself. And in my opinion that�s a bit the case right here. When I listened to it a couple of times in a row, the instrumental parts seemed a bit like interludes between the songs with a singer than real songs on their own. I�m a bit torn between two opinions regarding this matter. Do I feel like this because the instrumental compositions are too weak to stand on their own or are the songs with a singer of such a high level that it�s near impossible to stand out?
I tend to go with the first opinion. Except for �Burn�, �Ion� and �Stroke� the other three instrumentals don�t convince me. The songs with singers on the other hand are really great! I especially like what they have done with the David Bowie song �Heroes�. I like the original, but I think that the cover is even better!
To conclude, I think the guys made a nice CD, though they really have to think hard if they want to follow this path for the coming CDs or that they are going to make albums with mostly guest vocalists? I�m curious, because if they can keep the high standard of the songs with vocalists like they�ve done on this album, I think that they will get even bigger than they are now.
Apocalyptica - Worlds Collide
78/1001Details Sony BMG Music Entertainment
Released on Sunday Oct 21st, 2007

Writer @Neurotic on Saturday Nov 10th, 2007

Tags: #Apocalyptica
Tracklisting 1. Worlds Collide
2. Grace (feat. Tomoyasu Hotei)
3. I�m Not Jesus (feat. Corey Taylor)
4. Ion
5. Helden (feat. Till Lindemann)
6. Stroke
7. Last Hope (feat. Dave Lombardo)
8. I Don�t Care (feat. Adam Gontier)
9. Burn
10. S.O.S. (Anything But Love) (feat. Cristina Scabbia)
11. Peace
Line up Eicca Toppinen � Cello
Perttu Kivilaakso � Cello
Paavo L�tj�nen � Cello
Mikko S�ren � Drums