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Suhrim - Happy Hour
And so there was a Metalrage meeting, and so there was the new record by the Belgian death metal band Suhrim. I know next to nothing about them, only that our guitarist really likes this band. He told me they weren�t exactly widely known, but it was really entertaining. This new record called Happy Hour is the first material I have ever heard of this band.
Brutal, sick, funny, bloody and fucking awesome! That�s this record described in terms for people who don�t like to read fucking long reviews. Excuse me for the language but there is nothing to add to this, because almost everything is in order with this record.
The sound quality is very outstanding and reminded me of Blood Red Throne�s new record, which is also killer! There are a dozen of funny introductions to the songs, which is always nice to have. The guitar sound is really slick and the drums are leveled exactly right, so they don�t get the upper hand in the total result of music. I guess the guy who was overseeing the recordings was a real pain in the ass, for I think there have been a lot of turning buttons and endless repeating recordings to get that sound exactly right. 
Well, I am really glad that they did take their time to record this record, for it has become quite near perfect. I do not know anything else to say about this record. I must confess that after listening to this record a lot in the past few weeks, it still doesn�t bore me. I really can appreciate that!
Suhrim - Happy Hour
88/1001Details Shiver Records
Released on Sunday Sep 2nd, 2007
Brutal Death Metal

Writer @Mat-Core on Tuesday Nov 13th, 2007

Tags: #Suhrim
Tracklisting 1: The Prophecy
2: War
3: White Shark
4: Bonesaw
5: Meat Feast
6: Vengeance Shall Be Mine
7: Lord Of Dreams
8: Opening Hell's Gates
9: Happy Day
10: Battle Mangled Flesh
11: Maggot Infested Rotten Human
12: Vomiting Blood
13: Cold Steel Love Affair
14: Feed Upon Souls
15: Sudden Death (Live) (Bonus Track)
Line up Vocals - Johan
Guitars - Timmy
Bass - Thomas
Drums - Kevin