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Suhrim - Old Scars, Fresh Wound
This brutal death metal band from Belgium has already put out a number of demos since 1989 and released it's first album last year, dubbed Unidentified Flying Bodyparts. This year the brutality continues with the release of Old Scars, Fresh Wound.

The album consist of six tracks (including an intro) and seven bonus tracks. The six tracks sound ok, but the recording quality of the bonus tracks is rather poor. The music can be described as highly brutal death metal, just a bit below grindcore you might say. The songs aren't ultra fast, so that makes Suhrim easy to listen to. In my opinion the drums could use a little bit more power, because they are recorded quite soft, and don't contain the real brutal bashing. Just a lot of poeka poeka poeka!!! (that does change when the bonustracks commence, then it all becomes a lot faster) The guitar riffs are definitely not new to this planet's surface, but very entertaining nonetheless.

The lyrics address to things like necrophilia, mutilation, killing people and shit that floats. The normal gore-humour death metal subjects one might say. The vocals are just brutal and don't go far from grunting and screaming.

I have to mention that the bullshit track "Check The Penis (The Milenium Bug)" is brilliant! It consist of a lousy crappy kick drum sound with a ridiculous voice telling me to 'check the penis'! I played that track over and over, great humour I must admit.

The album also contains a DVD, but I must say that I think of that as a waste of good money. On the DVD there are some pictures of live performances and it features an entire live concert. And that concert is recorded so very very poorly. One camera, in the back of the room, never moving, added up with the softest sound you can imagine. You have to throw your volume open wide to hear anything at all. Nice addition to an album, but do it professionally next time.

Overall I can't say that Old Scars, Fresh Wound bores me, but I neither can say that I'm overwhelmed. I can see progression between the earlier recorded bonus tracks and the new tracks that are on this album, and that progression might lead to a bigger death metal band in the future. Let's hope for the best.


1. Intro
2. Thoughts Without An End
3. Sudden Death
4. Mutilated
5. Scorn
6. Roasted Cunt With A Slice Of Lemon
7. Having A Ball
8. Gore Is The End
9. 5/6 Billion Dead
10. Necrophile
11. Bodies Sink Shit Floats
12. The Hammer
13. Check The Penis (The Milenium Bug)


Johan Antonissen - Vocals/Bass
Jeroen Vingerhoed - Lead Guitar
Timmy De Beukeleer - Guitars
Paul Brunson - Drums
Suhrim - Old Scars, Fresh Wound
69/1001Details Pulsar Light Records
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001
death metal

Writer @DemonDust on Wednesday Jun 2nd, 2004

Tags: #Suhrim
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