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Dark The Suns - In Darkness Comes Beauty

Finnish metal is alive! It looks like every metal band from Finland is releasing their album in the same period. This time I got a debut CD from Dark The Suns. The sound of this young band is refreshing and has got potential. Surely this band hasn�t invented the wheel again, but they already know that themselves.

Back in 2005 Dark The Suns started as a one-man solo project of Mikko Ojala. Since Mikko wasn�t able to recruit a band around him, he recorded all instruments for the first EP himself. After this release Mikko�s project grew to a full band, a band capable of performing live. Now that Dark The Suns had a stable line-up, the band started to write new material for their second EP. In October 2006 the band was signed by Firebox Records and they are now ready to prove themselves with their first full length. 

The songs on In Darkness Comes Beauty consists of heavy guitar work, beautiful piano melodies, deep grunts, whispering and some tight drumming and bass playing. As said before: the music isn�t unique, but they don�t copy anything from other bands playing the same genre. The keyboards and the guitar as well as the voice of Mikko are the lead instruments. The piano melodies create a beautiful atmosphere, while the listener gets this floating feeling. The dark voice and the heavy guitar parts combined with these piano melodies creates the right mood while listening to this kind of music.

Despite the amount of bands playing this genre this is a record to give a try. Well performed songs which don�t let the listener go, until the last notes of �Away�. This record isn�t even released yet, but I�m already longing for their next one.

Dark The Suns - In Darkness Comes Beauty
80/1001Details Firebox Records
Released on Monday Nov 19th, 2007
Melodic Metal

Writer @Gilles on Friday Nov 16th, 2007

Tags: #Dark The Suns
Tracklisting 1. Reflections
2. The Sleeping Beauty
3. Black Sun
4. Alone
5. A Darkness To Drown In
6. Angel Soul
7. Drama For Gods
8. Ghost Bridges
9. Like Angels And Demons
10. Away
Line up Mikko Ojala - Vocals, Guitar
Inka Tuomaala - Bass
Juha Kokkonen - Keyboards
Markus Lehtinen - Drums