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Officium Triste - The Pathway (reissue)
In my time for Metalrage I have reviewed both the Reason and Giving Yourself Away albums of the highly acclaimed Dutch funeral doom band Officium Triste. Now their label Displeased records has decided to reissue the album they released prior to these two; The Pathway, complete with bonus tracks.
What this record offers is the whole The Pathway record dating from 2001, plus five bonus tracks. These are the two tracks from their Roses On My Grave 7� EP (including a Chorus Of Ruin cover), one track of their 2000 promo record which led to their signing on Displeased Records, and two live tracks from a 2002 gig in Tilburg�s 013. Since The Pathway is out of print for a while, this is a good reissue for those still looking for it. And for the real collector it must be awesome to also get these extra tracks, those must be even harder to come by.
When compared to their other records, The Pathway shows a band that still has a long way to go. Especially the clean vocals lack real talent, and the production of the whole has some faults. To me their best album is Reason, which they did not supersede with Giving Yourself Away in my opinion. The clean vocals are not Pim Blankenstein�s greatest aspect, and I�d wish more people would tell him that. His grunts on the other hand are fine, they suit the music perfectly.
If you�re looking to complete your collection of Officium Triste�s funeral doom it might be worth to pick this one up. To me it is very obvious that the records after this one are a whole lot better.
Officium Triste - The Pathway (reissue)
No ScoreDetails Displeased Records
Released on Sunday Oct 28th, 2007
Funeral Doom

Writer @DemonDust on Sunday Nov 25th, 2007

Tags: #Officium Triste
Tracklisting 01. Roses On My Grave
02. Pathway (Of Broken Glass)
03. Foul Play
04. Camouflage
05. Divinity
06. Deep Down
07. This Is Goodbye

Bonus tracks:
08. Roses On My Grave
09. Headstone
10. Divinity
11. Pathway (Of Broken Glass) LIVE
12. Roses On My Grave LIVE
Line up Pim Blankenstein - Vocals
Bram Bijlhout - Guitars
Gerard - Guitars
Lawrence Mayer - Bass
Martin Kwakernaak - Drums, Synth