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Officium Triste - Reason
I�ve only been recently introduced to the melancholic funeral doom metal and I must say, although it isn�t as cool to me as the regular doom, it�s quite all right. Even though I�ve never heard anything of this band before, and they�ve been active since 1994, they sound pretty good. A little bit too depressing now and then, but that�s acceptable. The album features five long tracks that fill almost 45 minutes. And boy is it heavy and depressing or what! I�m not a big fan of people who nag about how fucked up their life is and how pathetic they really are and stuff like that, but I just have to see through that right now. Mixing melody and heaviness does seem like a good idea to me, and these guys are kind of good at it, if I may say so. Beautiful melodies blurted out in a distortion-shaped mass transform your brain into relaxation, just sit back and let time float by as you see the most beautiful images be crushed in despair. Drama!!!! Another compliment goes out to the drummer who does a great job with a synthesizer. Enchanting keyboard-like sounds as found in �A Flower In Decay� that�ll take you to unknown heights are in abundance on this album. The vocals vary from brutal grunts, to spoken word passages. The subjects are lost loves, dying loved ones, pain in life, and stuff like that. All very emotional. There are some faster parts in some tracks, the end of �In Pouring Rain� being an extreme exception, because that�s just plain old metal. But for the most part of the album, slow, heavy, depressing and emotional set the tone. Great funeral doom, if you ask me! Tracklist: 1. In Pouring Rain 2. The Silent Witness 3. This Inner Twist 4. The Sun Doesn�t Shine Anymore 5. A Flower In Decay Line-up: Martin � drums, synths, backing vocals Johan � guitars Pim � vocals Gerard � guitars Lawrence � bass
Officium Triste - Reason
86/1001Details Displeased records
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @DemonDust on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Officium Triste
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