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Tidal - Tidal
Before I start reviewing the music, something about the sound quality of this album. It just fucking sucks. It sucks so hard, that fucking Osama Bin Laden would be sucked from his hideaway in the mountains straight into George Bush�s lap if he�d hear it. That�s how hard it sucks! Now let�s talk about the music. The music can be described as very high speed, aggressive hardcore, with lots of other musical influences, like jazz, metal, and some synthesizer stuff. I even got the impression that some Cephalic Carnage is tried to be imitated, but that definitely failed. There are definitely some riffs that I do like, but due to the vocalists ugly screams and the poor sound quality it�s all in vain. That�s actually all I can say about this attempt to sound experimental and hardcore. I do want to give them some advice which they should not take, because you do what you want to do, but I�ll give it anyway. Find a replacement on vocals and a better studio to record the stuff at. Then I�ll guarantee that it�ll get a pretty high grade because the guitars and drums sound ok, now and then. But this, no. (One thing, if the poor sound quality is due to that some moron couldn�t transfer the music files from the LP to a cd then you deserve a higher grade) I did get the chance to hear a newer MP3 of this band, which sounded a whole lot better, except for the screaming vocals. They still sucked as hell. Tracklist: 1. Not Real 2. My Journey 3. Parasite 4. The Dream Is Dead 5. Sterile 6. New Mafia 7. Close Enough 8. Media In Vita
Tidal - Tidal
42/1001Details Incendiary records
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @DemonDust on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Tidal
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