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Tidal - Abraxas
Tidal hails from the German province of Swabian, and [i]Abraxas[/i] is the band's second full-lenght cd after a 10" selftitled, the other full-lenght [i]Moment[/i] and 12" split. According to the bio it has parallels to Mogwai, Neurosis and even Pink Floyd. Sounds interesting, especially if its executed by a band which plays in a mainly hardcore style. I cannot really describe the music that is on the cd. The vocals consists of hardcore styled screams and singing, but the rest of the band seems to be playing a lot of different styles of music. I heard some spanish/latin influences on "Seifenblasen", and an acoustic guitar pops up here and there. There is some violin playing on tracks like the epic "Das Sein und Das Nichts Teil Zwei" and "Apocalypse Now!", which really grabs your attention. There are also quite some songs that have spoken word passages, and some of the tunes last well over 8 minutes. I guess that I could describe it as experimental post-hardcore...If there is such a thing. When I listen to this cd I hear a band that loves to expirement, but might lack the skill and experience. "Might" because I dont know if its the production, but the sound quality isn't all that. Its just me who prefers an overal tighter feel and sound, but sometimes I got the impression that I was listening to one-take recordings. In the end Tidal puts down a very original cd, but sometimes it's a bit hard to keep your concentration with the music because of the lack of recognisable melodies and "song hooks". [i]Abraxas[/i] didn't impress me that much on an overal level, but it does have elements which will grow on you. To bad I have to write this review now and not in a few months. Tracklisting: 01 - Timeout Deluxe 02 - Seifenblasen 03 - Apocalypse Now! 04 - Actor's Cut 05 - Cada Mono En Su Gira 06 - Some Time, Our Time 07 - Peacemaker 08 - Das Sein Und das Nichts Teil 2
Tidal - Abraxas
69/1001Details Incendiary
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Carn on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Tidal
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