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Imprint - A.R.T
Ok, what we have here is a typical Norwegian band. They're tight, high quality
and have a definite sense of ye olde songwriting craft. But the style of music is as
A-Norwegian as you can get. Imprint plays a blend of Soulfly, Machine Head-esque modern metal with a slab of metalcore but sadly without a face of its own.

So there, while they're probably unique up North playing this style of music we've
heard it quite a few times before and better. Not in execution and even in persistence. These guys never sound fake, and seem to be to determined to play the style of music that they play because they love doing it.
And while their conviction, instrumental prowess and genuine emotion sound impressive there wasn't a single song which really stood out. Or even a really memorable riff or
chorus. So if these guys sharpen their pens a little more and spit out some more memorable riffs and choruses, we'll be actually on to something because I do smell a lot of potential here.

But until that day, this is still a marginal release, but a good listen anyway.
Imprint - A.R.T
74/1001Details Self Released
Released on Thursday Nov 1st, 2007

Writer @Ce-El-Wan on Sunday Jan 6th, 2008

Tags: #Imprint
Tracklisting 1 One By One
2 Failure Pt.II
3 Reason To Live
4 Murder
5 Game Of Life
6 Evil
7 Break The Silence
8 Don't Look Away
9 No Need
10 Sick Society
11 Reality Bites
Line up Raymond Csiszar - Vocals
Kenneth Helland - Guitar
Anders Reve - Guitar, Vocals
Thor Øyvind Waszink - Drums
Glen Bjørheim - Bass