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Kataklysm - Serenity In Fire
How brutal can you be? This album is one answer to that question! Screams, grunts, razorsharp guitar riffs and total devastating drums on this Kataklysm album. Definitely the best one up till now. Believe me, if you�re into death metal, you�ll love this shit! After a short intro which is from (I believe) a Hellraiser movie �The Ambassador Of Pain� comes to kill us all. None of us will see heaven indeed (as I�m told by Pinhead in the intro). And the maiming doesn�t stop until all ten tracks have gone into your ears and turned your brain into pulp. I must say that the drums impress me the most. What speed! I�m still wondering if that drummer is a machine or man. Immediately when tracks like �The Resurrected� and �Blood On The Swans� kick in you�re battered to death. My jaw drops till this day when I hear this stuff. Too fast to even be furious! The riffs are quite good. Fortunately there is a reasonable amount of variation between brutal, extremely brutal and somewhat melodic. Slower tracks like �As I Slither�, �The Tragedy I Preach� and the title track �Serenity In Fire� are very much welcome. I even can detect some metalcore influences here and there, which gives some great moshing parts to the music. But one thing, serenity in fire is out of the question. It should be; after the fire has burnt almost everything, you throw chemical bombs on the perished land, just to make sure EVERYTHING is dead. Tracklist: 1. The Ambassador Of Pain 2. The Resurrected 3. As I Slither 4. For All Our Sins 5. The Night They Returned 6. Serenity In Fire 7. Blood On The Swans 8. Seconds From The End 9. The Tragedy I Preach 10. Under The Bleeding Sun Line-up: Maurizio Iacono � vocals JF Degenais � guitar Stephane Barbe � bass Max Duhamel � drums