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Kataklysm, Fear My Thoughts - Authentic Deathmetal!
I found myself at a very crowded Goudvishal at the fourth of January, because that night two Canadian bands, Kataklysm and Quo Vadis and two German bands, Neaera and Fear My Thoughts were supposed to unleash their fury there. While standing in line in front of the venue I took notice of Neaera not being able to play because their singer was sick; it even got worse: because of the ridiculous long and slow line I also couldn’t see Quo Vadis. That left me with only the half number of bands I expected, though with the two most important!
When I finally entered the venue I could barely move my ass (and no it isn’t even that big!), but finally I could see some action. Fear My Thoughts’ forthcoming album Vulcanus had a very positive review at Metalrage and I was also impressed by their melodic deathcore (the ‘core’ referring to metalcore) which offers more variation than all those average metalcore bands. Unfortunately I didn’t see anything really spectacular on stage; where the vocals on CD sound quite diverse, the singer sticked live mainly to screams which didn’t get me warm, I missed a brutal sound and the clean vocals didn’t stand out. Instrumentally everything was alright, but it missed the power to convince me.
Although this negative comments it was a nice show to see, but after hearing the CD something more was to be expected of the live performance and I didn’t see anything exceptional.
Now, when Kataklysm entered the stage we did get to see something really convincing! The debut of these Canadian deathmetallers came out in 1995 and with their constant productivity and growing quality you could obviously see that their experience pays off on stage; they put up a professional set with the right feel and sound. They had the audience totally in their grasp with the tight grooving deathmetal which gives you that authentic feel of the old deathmetal days. With songs like ‘Illuminati’ and ‘Face the Face of War’ of the Shadows and Dust album they simply destroyed the place, but also the material from the latest album, In the Arms of Devastation, was received very well. Because of the big appearance of front man Maurizio and the small stage I couldn’t see the drummer well, but his brutal fast blasts were unavoidable! Simply every aspect of this show was more than fine and with the tragic and midtempo song ‘Road to Devastation’ a fantastic set ended.