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Celtic Legacy - Guardian of Eternity

Who doesn't love them, the typical Irish melodies on whom every person has danced at some point! Often assisted by a beer in one hand and, for some, a second beer in the other hand. We all know the perfect combination of Irish pride with punk/rock music from Flogging Molly. Along with Flogging Molly there are a whole bunch of bands who took the same road. Yet not so many have taken the path of mixing Irish music with metal. Celtic Legacy is such a band. With 'Guardian of Eternity' they bring us their third Celtic record.

The record kicks off with a short instrumental song called 'The Sentinel'. In the beginning it’s just a very simple corporation between atmospheric keyboards and guitar. But then it starts, first the guitar rapidly changes into a very tempting melody which makes you want to dance immediately. Then the drums fill in. It took them about twenty seconds to completely catch my attention. It never left for the complete album. After the nice intro you get sucked into the next song: 'Celtica'. Again it took no more than a minute for me to catch the melody and start singing along (or humming if you like). Except beautiful Irish melodies, they also know how to make attracting metal riffs, wherein I often heard some Maiden influence.

Putting the best song first probably is the preferable thing to do. But is does tend to give the next songs a lesser good feeling. All in all, the complete album is decent quality music, alternating between metal and Celtic influences very subtle.

The record ends as how it began. 'Guardian of Eternity' is an 11 minute masterpiece which takes you from listening to a dramatic ballad, to the likes of Classic Heavy Metal, to the above mentioned Celtic melodies.

Whether you like classic heavy metal, power metal, Irish music or hard rock, this record has something to offer for everyone!

Well worth the buy!

Celtic Legacy - Guardian of Eternity
80/1001Details Eternal Legacy Records
Released on Wednesday Mar 5th, 2008
Irish Rock / Metal

Writer @Peekay on Thursday Mar 27th, 2008

Tags: #Celtic Legacy
Tracklisting 01. The Sentinel
02. Celtica
03. Afterworld
04. For Evermore
05. King Of Thieves
06. Absent Freinds
07. Erinmor
08. Dance On Yer Grave
09. Forgive Me
10. Guardian Of Eternity
Line up Dave Morrissey - Guitars/Keyboards
Dave Boylan - Bass/Vocals
Ciaran Ennis - Vocals
Keith Hendley - Guitars
Conor Gillen - Drums