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Skindred - Roots Rock Riot
The first time I got in touch with Skindred was during the race game Need For Speed Underground 2. The song ‘Nobody’, which was one of the soundtracks in the game, was also one of my favourites to race to. After some search for Skindred I found out Benji Webbe was the frontman of this ragga metal fourpiece. Benji Webbe who’s been in the groundbreaking band Dubwar that successfully mixed reggae with punk and metal just like Bad Brains used to do.
Roots Rock Riot is already the second album of Skindred, who released their debut album Babylon about 4 years ago. Since then, Benji Webbe is the only remaining member of Dubwar in Skindred. Well let’s see what’s Skindred got to say. With the title track the start of the album is a fact and it immediately grabs my attention. This song has just the same thing that I like on the song ‘Nobody’. Aggressiveness, pushing vocals and uptight drumming.
With the next couple of songs Skindred immediately shows there’s much more than just the typical first track. ‘Trouble’ has a bit more of a laidback reggae vibe in it, ´Ratrace´ has a great beat that made it very hard to sit still and with ´State Of Emergency´ there's a lot of dub involved combined with some nu-metal guitar work. The greatest thing about this album is that this mixture continues the entire album.
Well, aren’t there any disadvantages about this album then? Of course there are, some of the tracks just miss the great kick in the ass and give the idea of just going on and on. The positive thing about this is that the next track will sound even better and greater. All together I believe that Roots Rock Riot is a great album. Especially if you're into this combination of reggae, dub and metal. There’s one thing for sure, I’m not playing this album in my car 'cause it's probably gonna get me killed or at least deliver me a high speeding ticket. 
Skindred - Roots Rock Riot
90/1001Details Bieler Bros Records
Released on Tuesday Oct 23rd, 2007
Ragga metal

Writer @Niamen on Wednesday Apr 16th, 2008

Tags: #Skindred
Tracklisting 1. Roots Rock Riot
2. Trouble
3. Ratrace
4. State Of Emergency
5. Alright
6. Destroy the Dancefloor
7. Rude Boy For Life
8. Killing Me
9. Spit Out the Poison
10. Cause Ah Riot
11. Ease Up
12. Choices And Decisions
Line up Benji Webbe - vocals
Daniel Pugsley - bass
Mikeydemus - guitar
Dirty Arya - drums
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