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Blinded Rain - Destination Unknown
Formed in 2004, the finnish metallers of Blinded Rain’s first attempt to set their artistic mark into the world of metal, Vampire (MCD) was recorded and released in 2006. The mix of HIM-ish heavy melodies accompanied with a deep voice attracted quite some fans and thus, the band went to work on a full-length: Destination Unknown.

The music is pounding, as the first track ‘Sandcastle Star’ proves. Yet the vocals are really mellow and negate the heavy effect that especially the guitars have, a lot. Another aspect that didn’t appeal to me were the keyboard-drenched parts. They do add mystery, but the organ effect that has been applied to them make the whole shizzle sound messy. Besides Kaide’s vocals (which can be heavy sometimes, after all), there are backing vocals in most, if not all of the songs.

Tarujen Saari has, as she was on the Vampire MCD, been recruited to take care of those on Destination Unknown as well. She’s a good singer, probably better than Kaide is, but unfortunately her part is rather insignificant until we reach the track ‘Romance In The Cruelty’, which is a duet between the two vocalists. It sounds quite good, but the rather simple guitar riffs make it sound like your average Lacuna Coil song. And in that case, I’ve heard better.

With the exception of a few nice riffs and guitar solos, the songs are fit to be put on any random Lacuna Coil / HIM / the likes of them album, although the melodies are not as catchy as I’d initially hoped them to be. Kaide’s vocals are another aspect of Blinded Rain that you either love or hate, and I’m not sure which side I’m on, yet. If you like heavy, dark riffs drenched in synthesizers that go with a chanting voice, you should give Destination Unknown a go.
Blinded Rain - Destination Unknown
62/1001Details FireBurn Records
Released on Wednesday Apr 23rd, 2008

Writer @Bastian Blackrain on Tuesday May 13th, 2008

Tags: #Blinded Rain
Tracklisting 1. Sandcastle Star
2. Not Your Hero
3. In The Black Veil Of Twilight
4. Last Dance Till The Dawn
5. Fragile
6. Queen Of Silence
7. The Only Truth
8. Insane
9. Romance In The Cruelty
10. Goodbye The Dreamer
Line up Kaide - vocals, keyboards, guitars
Leonard - drums
G√ľnther - bass