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Cult Of Luna - Eternal Kingdom
Eternal Kindom is the fifth album by the Swedish outfit Cult Of Luna, a highly appreciated experimental postcore band. Although the albums have decreased in heaviness with about every release, it seems that this one is again slightly heavier. Let’s see what they have in store for us.
Eternal Kingdom is a concept album, I’ll give a brief explanation to what it’s about. For the last couple of years Cult Of Luna rehearsed in a building that used to be an old metal institution in 1920. In the building they discovered all kinds of things, like a weird chair and a lot of journals and files about the patients residing there. One of them was Holger Nilsson, who murdered his wife. He had written a journal in his time in the mental institution, in which it becomes clear that he kind of lived in a fantasy world. His pages were the building blocks for Eternal Kingdom. Quite an interesting concept I think.
Now for the music then, to my ears this record sounds heavier than the previously released Somewhere Along The Highway. Which I like a lot, especially the vocal department comes out really well with good deep screams that pack a lot of emotion. Furthermore the band still manages to surprise the listener with interesting twists and turns in the long-stretched songs. More than once I find myself playing air-guitar to this record, the heavy doom riffs are indeed of superb quality on Eternal Kingdom. Fans of the band can definitely buy this album without hearing it once.
Cult Of Luna did it again; they managed to record another masterpiece which resides at the top of the postcore scene. A splendid production and excellent songwriting will make sure Eternal Kingdom is a classic of this time already. Sheer beauty.
Cult Of Luna - Eternal Kingdom
92/1001Details Earache Records
Released on Monday Jun 16th, 2008

Writer @DemonDust on Monday May 19th, 2008

Tags: #Cult Of Luna
Tracklisting 01. Owlwood
02. Eternal Kingdom
03. Ghost Trail
04.The Lure (Interlude)
05. Mire Deep
06. The Great Migration
07. Osterbotten
08. Curse
09. Ugin
10. Following Betulas
Line up Johannes Persson - Guitars and Vocals
Klas Rydberg - Vocals
Magnus Lindberg - Drums and Studio-Engineering
Erik Olofsson - Guitars
Andreas Johansson - Bass
Anders Teglund - Keyboards and Electronics
Fredrik Kihlberg - Guitars and Vocals
Thomas Hedlund - Drums and Percussion
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