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Infinited Hate - Revel in bloodshed
[b]Infinited Hate[/b] was created in August 2003 by Aad Kloosterwaard, the drummer of Sinister and Houwitser. The easiest thing to complete the line-up was asking all other Sinister members for this sick and twisted death metal project. All members were already thinking for a longer time to mix old school death metal with new US death metal style, something that they cannot do with their own band. The band started writing songs and selected two for their promo CD "Primitive butchery". This piece of death metal was recorded in the AM studios (Gouda) in Holland. The band was really happy with the good reactions on this CD, which resulted in a deal with Displeased Records for two CDs. Displeased Records was able to contract Graal (Behemoth, Rotting Christ, Enslaved, Vader) for the artwork of the upcoming CD "Revel in bloodshed". Infinited Hate will go back to the AM studios to work again with Andre van de Ree. You can expect ten songs of sick and twisted death metal, check it out if you think you are heavy enough. [img][/img] This album contains 11 songs, 8 from the demo and three new songs. I can describe the sound like a step beyond Sinister. For people who don�t know the band Sinister and Rachel, I think there will be a lot of guy�s around their, who would like they had the same voice. This is an extreme brutal grunt coming out of this nice women. The drumwork and guitars are extremely fast. Rachel does the main vocals and Aad is doing some effect vocals. They did a good thing combining Old school death metal and newe school US death metal. I must say that I like this band more than Sinister. It�s more extremer. Sinster is history and Infinited Hate is a good afterlife from this band. It�s aggressive, brutal and has an original sound, what else do you want? Tracklist: 1. Ill formed beast 2. Tribute to the dead 3. Chaos called underworld 4. Bound by hate 5. Dreadful gore 6. Haunting noises 7. Primitive butchery 8. Arrival of doom 9. Built for the kill 10. Blood evidence 11. Flag of hate Line-up: Rachel Kloosterwaard � Vokills Ron v/d Polder � Guitars & bass Aad Klooaterwaard � effect vokills
Infinited Hate - Revel in bloodshed
92/1001Details Displeased
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @D.M.A. on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Infinited Hate
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