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Infinited Hate - Heaven Termination
When I noticed somewhere in 2003 that Sinister ceized to exist and that Aad and Rachel started a new death metal project called Infinited Hate, I found that a true gift. I like Sinister but their last material wasn’t that strong anymore. Infinited Hate brought back that anger and menace in the songs and their debut album was quite nice. Now, late 2005, they have released their second album called Heaven Termination which has been recorded with a real drummer this time.
The record starts with an intro followed by a nice aggressive track called Demonical Sepulture, which is in my opinion a very decent opening track. Fast drumwork, rattling bass, screaming and lurching guitar and a voice that can break concrete walls by force are definitely features I worship. The combination of Aad and Rachel on vocals is nice, especially when you sometimes can’t hear any difference. Rachel always had one of the best vocals for a woman that I ever heard and it hasn’t changed over the years. The tracks are quite long and various in tempo changes, breaks and fills but sometimes there are even some longer tracks.

The rest of the album merely follows the style I described and I hear a quite refreshing touch in the music. Of course these escapades do not last long, because there has to be thought of the puritans that don’t find themselves with refreshing riffs, but want to stay close to their old roots. I despise these people for being that closed to other kinds of music. A topic I shall not further induce. A nice fact of this record is that it has been drummed by Dirk Verbeuren, who is better known to me as a very busy session drummer of many bands including Aborted, Soilwork and Scarve. The last track Before Creation Of Time, is a very nice cover from Unleased.
The album is above average, but not that much that it surpasses the new innovative death metal bands like Origin, Nile and Hate Eternal. I won’t say that Infinited Hate is to be compared with these bands, it's more like Cannibal Corpse with a grating Sinister sound on top of it, but to get to my point; I really think this is an album that fits nicely for most old school death metal fans. I surely can appreciate this record, but it’s not the top notch for me.
Infinited Hate - Heaven Termination
75/1001Details Displeased Records
Released on Wednesday Sep 28th, 2005
Death Metal

Writer @Mat-Core on Friday Sep 30th, 2005

Tags: #Infinited Hate
Tracklisting 1: Intro
2: Demonical Sepulture
3: Unholy Commandments
4: Pierced With Nails
5: Horned Priest
6: Citadel Of Carnage
7: Momento Recollection
8: The Purity Corrupted
9: See Hell
10: Faced Aggressor
11: Before Creation Of Time (Unleashed cover)
Line up Vocals – Rachel Kloosterwaard
Guitars/Bass – Ron v/d Polder
Vocals – Aad Kloosterwaard
Drums – Dirk Verbeuren